Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
Spruce up your house (and health) with indoor plants.

Home is where you can find serenity amidst life’s hustle and bustle.

If you’re looking at making your home your very own sanctuary of tranquility, one quick and inexpensive idea is to introduce nature indoors. How? By adding beautiful, decorative plants to give your home a lighter, more relaxing ambiance.

Do you notice how you feel more calm and peaceful around nature? The same idea can be applied to your home when you add beautifully arranged plants in the right places. Not only do these decorative plants uplift the positive atmosphere of your home but they also boost its aesthetic value as well. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a nice, cozy apartment every day?

What’s great about decorative house plants is that they are flexible additions even to homes with limited space. So even if you don’t have a designated area for a home garden, you can opt for low-maintenance plants that can blend perfectly into the look and feel of your home design. The best part? You can do the same for your workspace as well, so you can have your little corner of calm and serenity to keep stress at bay!     

Why Indoor Plants Are Good for You

Besides making your personal space more pleasant and peaceful, there are many other benefits to including indoor plants at home.

1. They improve air quality. Having plants in your home helps you breathe easier as they reduce carbon dioxide from the air while releasing fresh oxygen. Aside from this, plants remove pollutants in the air as well as reduce airborne dust levels and keep air temperatures down.

2. They increase humidity. When plants release water as moisture vapor, humidity in the air increases, which helps with your respiration and reduces chances of colds, sore throats or dry coughs. At the same time, it helps reduce dry skin!

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
Indoor plants are now known to help reduce background noise levels inside an enclosed space.

3. They help reduce stress. Ever wondered why you feel calmer around greenery? That’s how plants interact with your mind and body to reduce stress levels and make you feel more at ease with your surroundings. This creates a feeling of well-being, allowing you to feel more relaxed and stimulated.

4. They help lower background noise. Indoor plants are specially helpful in reducing background noise levels inside any enclosed space. Studies show that plants and their leaves absorb or reflect background noise, making the environment cosier and more comfortable for the occupant.

5. They help lift the mood and have positive effects on your well-being. Having plants inside your home enhances the overall aura of your environment, making you feel happier and more productive. Indoor plants also help lower blood pressure and heart rates, while reducing fatigue.

6. Indoor Plants that Double Up as Great Home DécorThere are a number of decorative indoor plants that you can place in your home to recreate a natural setting. What’s great about these plants is that they thrive even in enclosed areas and do not need a lot of maintenance to make them grow.   

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
A cozy spot by the sink is the perfect spot for your mini herb garden.


Herbs provide an aromatic fragrance that can help make your kitchen smell good. Of course, you can also use them to add freshness and boost the flavor of your dishes. Mint leaves, for example, not only deodorizes your kitchen but also adds zest to your veggie dishes, salads, and juices. Plus, it helps freshen your breath (just chew a few leaves after a meal!)

You can also try Parsley, which is not only used for garnishing; they can also be used for marinating, too. Like mint, it can also be used as a breath freshener and has anti-flammatory benefits as well.

Maintenance tips: Grow herbs in a container which contains holes that empty into a saucer. Make sure to empty the saucer under the pot after every watering to prevent its roots from sitting in the water

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
Let the fragrance of nature fill your room.

Citrus Plants

Citrus houseplants give a very refreshing aroma while making your home more beautiful as a decorative addition. There are citrus trees that come in dwarf varieties which make perfect indoor plants. 

Maintenance tips: Use fertilisers made especially for citrus plants. You can water your tree as you do any other houseplant but make sure the soil has dried out before watering it again to avoid rotting the soil. And as with any other plant, they occasional love the sun, so make sure it’s under direct sunlight for five to six hours per day.  


These decorative plants not only look beautiful but they purify the air and some have healing benefits, too.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an attractive succulent with thick leaves that fan out from the center. They are easy to keep and are useful, too, as juice from their leaves can relieve pain from scrapes and burns when applied externally.

Maintenance tip: Keep the Aloe Vera plant in a pot near a kitchen window to give it enough indirect sunlight. Its leaves can store water so avoid frequent watering and make sure the soil is a bit dry before watering it again.    

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
Elegantly beautify your room corners with these low maintenance plants.

Pothos Plant

The Pothos is a low maintenance plant, which makes it a great way to start getting into indoor houseplants. Pothos has many varieties too, which make it a lovely green in your home.

They do well in indirect sunlight as well as in low light conditions, which makes it an easy addition to your bedroom, bathroom or office. They can be grown in dry soil or in vases of water, so long as they are nutrient-rich soil or water. It can be planted in a pot, hanging basket or let its stems climb using a trellis against the wall. Pothos plants also purify the air and absorbs toxins from house items, like your carpet.

Maintenance tip: It can grow under any lighting condition, but it’s best to give it indirect light once in a while so its leaves will thrive. It’s stem can grow up to eight feet, so be ready with your garden scissors. Cutting the stem will make the leaves looks full and healthy, and you can always re-plant the cuttings!

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
Your little sunny companion.


There is nothing cuter than a succulent plant! It’s the perfect accessory to your bedroom, living room or your office space, because they are small, handy, comes in many shapes and colours, and did we mention – cute! However, don’t be deceived, even if they are part of the cactus family, succulent plants need some TLC.

Maintenance Tip: Succulents have flourished in deserts for a reason, they love sunlight. But as we don’t live in a desert, don’t worry. 5-6 hours of sunlight will do, so make sure you place your succulent on a window sill for a few hours each day. Water them sparingly as well – only once or twice a week.

Once you have mastered the care for succulents, you can move on to the next best – and cutest – thing… building your own terrarium with A Tilly A Day!

Make your indoor plants stand out

The best part about having plants inside your home is that you can decorate them to make them even more attractive.

When choosing containers or planters for your indoor plants, make sure they are suitable for the plants you’re using them with. From there, you can decorate your containers with colourful ribbons, stickers, and other ornaments to make them more visually appealing. Pick from a bevy of pots like ceramic, clay, plastic, or terra cotta.

Zen Your Home with Indoor Plants
If you’re aiming for elegance, you can use glass vases to make the plants look classy.

Choose from a diverse variety of glass vases, pots, planters, and containers at Nature by M.D.M. (Causeway Point).

Use stone or moss to keep the soil moist. You can also use pebbles which help drain excess water and prevent the plants’ roots to rot. Add a twisty branch for a touch of drama. Make use of branches and sticks for plants with flowers, as these help blooms to last for months. For stones, moss, pebbles, sticks, and branches, check out Madera De Mango (Causeway Point). 

For hanging plants, you can use suspended orbs, which you can add with colored sand and crystals to make them more stunning. Be creative with your decorations by using additional accents like coral, shells, or corals. Get your decorations and accents from Daiso (Changi City Point, Eastpoint Mall & Waterway Point) and Japan Home (Anchorpoint, Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall, Waterway Point, Northpoint & YewTee Point).  

By bringing greenery right inside the comfort of your living space, you bring in more positive vibes while improving the quality of your life.   


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