Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Thinking of making the Day of Hearts especially memorable for your significant other? Sure, the teddy bear-movie route is safe, but for something extra special, surprise her with something made with your own two hands. 

Nothing spells love more than putting your time and effort into the surprise. Do just that with a hearty, romantic dinner at home, specially made by you! From a delicious homemade dinner and romantic music, to little decorative touches that say ‘I Love You’ – this night will definitely be remembered forever. Here’s how:

Before the big day

Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Tip 1: Fish for info

Start planning by knowing what your partner wants! Make a list of all their favourite things – from favourite dishes and colors to knick-knacks and music preferences. All this should be prepared one or two weeks in advance.

Tip 2: What’s on the menu?

The home-cooked meal is the main highlight of the event, so spend a little time planning the menu. Choose the main course based on your significant other’s favorite dishes, then complement it with a good appetizer and dessert.  If cooking is new to you, go for simple recipes using good quality and fresh ingredients.

Pick a wine that you think both of you will like. Red meat usually goes best with red wine. Cabernet-based wines, for example, have fruity flavors and complement smoky, meaty flavors of a steak well. Merlot-based wines, on the other hand, are lighter and a bit sweeter which complement vegetable mains better. Merlots are also good for balancing out dishes with a touch of spice. If your menu is all about seafood, white meat like chicken, or cream-based pasta, pair with white wines like a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc instead.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to impress your date with the right wine.

Here’s where you can get great wines:

Tip 3: It’s the thought that counts!

What would be the best way to end a carefully thought-out romantic dinner? Veer away from the usual suspects (that means, no chocolates or jewellery this time) and pick out something that has significant meaning. Think of gifts that your partner can use for their favorite hobby or where you can apply your personal touch, like a personalized journal or a handmade card. If your handwriting leaves something to be desired – worry not! The more authentic it is, the better.

Where you can get your journals:

Tip 4: Save the date

Book a date with your partner in advance. If you want to have the dinner on Valentine’s Day, since it falls on a Tuesday, make sure you have ample time to make all the necessary preparations on that day. You can arrange to pick up the ingredients a few days before (to make sure they are fresh!) and all the other Valentine’s décor a week before the event. If you need more time, there’s no harm setting your dinner date a weekend before or after Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day Itself

Tip 5: In the mood for love

A romantic night is in order, so setting the right mood is a must to make sure you’re creating a Valentine’s Day date like no other. Your table settings, music, and lighting should complement the romantic dinner you’ve prepared.

Table setting: You don’t have to stick with reds and pinks or pepper everything with hearts to set the mood. Be creative and play with her favourite colors to make the date more personal and thoughtful. Go for simple yet elegant décor, such as a vase of flowers or candles as a centrepiece. Your best tableware and classy table linen and napkins will definitely do.

Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Music: Your playlist should also set the tone for the night. Soft jazz music peppered with romantic songs will do the trick. Or even a playlist of your significant other’s favorite songs. If you’re up for a challenge, a playlist that speaks of your journey together as a couple would definitely make them smile!

Lighting: Dimming the lights is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere. Light scented candles just before your partner arrives and you’ve got yourself a multi-sensory experience!

Where to get your items to set the mood:

Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Tip 6: Be your loved one’s personal chef for the night

Nothing will make your partner feel loved and pampered like knowing that you’ve put in a whole lot of effort into the evening. Go ahead and impress them with a printed menu on the plate – a fresh appetizer to start with, a simple main course, and a fruity dessert. Don’t forget to top up the wine as you go!

Remember to have fun, relax and know that mistakes only makes the whole experience more genuine.

Where to get your ingredients:

Your Guide to the Perfect DIY Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Nothing says “I love you to the moon and back” than this special homemade Valentine’s spread. So, start planning and be brave fellow romantics!    

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