Top Ten Essentials For a Short Getaway

Heading off for a short getaway can really recharge the batteries and give you a respite from the daily grind. Here are some great tips on how to make that brief retreat so effortless.

1. Maps or Travel Guides
The internet is great for maps of all kinds and travel guides galore but you can’t beat a good old fashioned hard-copy printed map or travel guide as long as they are not too big or heavy. They’re very handy for sightseeing and they don’t need recharging!

Search out your maps, travel books and guides from Popular Bookstore – Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall and Northpoint.

2. Travel Pillow and Blanket
Once you’ve settled into your chosen mode of transport, you need to get cosy and feel as relaxed as possible. Small pillows that you can mould into the perfect shape will help you kiss goodbye to those aches and pains in the neck. You have the option to go inflatable, memory foam or tension easing beads – whatever your thing might be.

Another important cosy factor item is a travel blanket. While most planes offer them, you might be traveling by bus or train and or simply prefer your own blanket, either way they add a touch of extra comfort to the trip.

Check out the travel pillows/blankets from:
Universal Traveller Outlet, Changi City Point or
METRO, Causeway Point and The Centrepoint

3. Light, Comfortable Clothes
As long as you’re not heading to the Antarctic it’s best to go light, versatile, comfortable and fast drying. You’ll need to cover yourself, so to speak, for climate variations, so pack for your location. It has to be versatile for what you intend to do on your break and it should be well made and fit comfortably, so you can fully relax and not worry about a thing. Pick your fibres and fabrics according to the climate and your skin!

Browse for your travel clothes at UNIQLO, Causeway Point and Waterway Point.

4. Slippers
Never underestimate the power of the slipper! They can really come in handy, forgive the pun, and your feet will thank you after a long walk or a brisk game of tennis. They’re also great as a no hassle slip-on for short trips around the hotel or resort or just lounging around. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never have to worry about what shoes to wear, or putting them on then taking them off; leaving you more time to relax!

Slipper on into:
The Flip Flop Shop, Northpoint or
Rubi, Causeway Point and Northpoint

5. Carry-on Luggage
For a quick escape you have to travel light and if possible that means one bag for low stress, ease and comfort. Airlines don’t charge for carry-on (yet), so you save time and money on check in and when you land, you’re straight out of there with no carousel chaos!

When you’re looking at carry-on luggage, go light, tough and roomy! You might opt for soft-case because it’s often lighter and easier to stow in the overhead or under the seat in front, for easy access. Then again you might want something with wheels for the cruise factor.

Take a look at the gear from:
METRO Luggage Department, Causeway Point and The Centrepoint or
Samsonite Factory Outlet / American Tourister Factory Outlet, Changi City Point

6. Sling or Tote Bag
Again, light, compact and sturdy is the key here! These are an invaluable must-have item to carry your everyday things around without hassle, do that all important shopping, also great as a beach bag and they can even double as a laundry bag for the trip home – You wouldn’t want to wash clothes on your last day, ohhh no!

Select the perfect sling or tote bag from METRO, Causeway Point and The Centrepoint.

7. Travel-size First Aid Kit
Depending on your destination this could be quite essential and is always handy to have at any time. It should be equipped with the basics and should have everything you need to match your destination and length of stay.

They’re great for quick repair jobs, carrying supplies for pre-existing medical conditions and also take the stress and worry out of any illnesses that are often easily treated or preventable.

Procure your first aid kit from:
Guardian, Causeway Point, Eastpoint MallNorthpoint and Waterway Point
NTUC Unity Healthcare, YewTee Point.

8. Toiletries
The trick here is to go with the basics! Decide what you can live without and just take what you really need. Chances are most of the stuff you take on holidays you don’t end up using, so for a short trip, there’s probably a lot you can leave at home. General rule of thumb, use products that will double up where possible, for example soaps, shampoos, body-wash, moisturiser, conditioner – you get the picture!

If you can zip through airport security with a lightly packed toiletry bag that follows all liquids rules, you’re on the right track!

Choose your toiletries at Watsons – Anchorpoint, Causeway Point, Changi City PointEastpoint Mall, Northpoint, Waterway Point and YewTee Point.

9. Books or Magazines
Books and magazines can be heavy and take up valuable space but if you live to read in your down time select a great book and your favourite magazine or if you can bear it, choose between the two. Avoid buying them at the airport, they can be very pricey!

Browse for your books and magazines at Popular Bookstore, Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall and Northpoint or
Times Bookstore, The Centrepoint and Waterway Point.

10. Powerbank
Keep all your electronic devices fully charged and stay connected with an invaluable little travel item called the Powerbank! Unfortunately batteries aren’t made to stay charged forever yet, so you’ll need to stay powered up to save your pricey gizmos from just being a waste of space!

Stay charged with Powerbanks from:
Valore, Northpoint or
Challenger, Bedok Point, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Eastpoint Mall, Waterway Point and Northpoint.

Now that you’ve got your Top Ten Travel Essentials for a Short Getaway all sorted, there should be nothing else left to do other than point your finger at the map, decide where you’re going and do it without a care or worry in the world – After all it’s a SHORT getaway, so make the MOST of it with the LEAST fuss – That’s SML!

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