Summer Stylin’


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Go from high street to surf with these beach-ready summer looks.

Bold, daring and sizzling — summer styles this year debut bold colour combinations, shoulder-baring tie-dye dresses, and audacious accessories. We’re seeing dresses made out of tie-dye fabrics but in cuts and styles that won’t look out of place at a romantic beachside cafe and topped off with a chic rope belt and casually knotted scarf.

The Silk Road
Scarves, whether made out of silk or any other delicate fabric, are all the rage right now. Cinch one around the waist as a makeshift belt, draw one tightly around the neck as a choker, or — in the case of larger scarves — drape one around the shoulders as a faux beach robe.

90s Revival
In a 90s revival, flatforms are back — but refreshed for 2016. Think chunky soles with everything from lace up espadrilles to boat-shoe inspired sandals, as seen here. The bold colour adds a playful touch to an ensemble that would look equally at home on a yacht or on the sidewalk.

Playful Brims
Brimmed hats are also here to stay with contemporary fashion designers sending a huge array of them down the Spring/Summer 2016 runways. They come in all shapes, sizes and textures but we’re loving this classic wide brimmed straw hat that provides ample shade.

Summer Shades
When it comes to handbags and other accessories, this is the year for shades that bring to mind a tropical sunset — shades such as pale blush and coral. The other handbag trend to look out for in 2016 are bags with top handles, carried at the elbow.

Retro Silhouettes
And oh, if you’re hitting the water, then say goodbye to teensy, weensy bikinis! This season’s hottest swim silhouette is the longline bikini top: retro-glam but updated with colourful prints and playful cut-outs. Pair with colourful skirt-shorts for a look that is both beach friendly and almost painfully hip.


01. Studded crossbody bag, Charles & Keith (Causeway Point, Waterway Point)
02. Chosungah22 lipstick, SaSa (Causeway PointNorthpoint, Waterway Point)
03. Chosungah22 dazzling lipstick, SaSa (Causeway PointNorthpoint, Waterway Point)
04. Factorie MakeUp MakeOut range body mist sprays – Summer Bliss and Euphoric Nights, Factorie (Causeway Point, Waterway Point)
05. Blue leopard print scarf, Lalu (The Centrepoint)
06. WOMEN ribbon floppy hat, Uniqlo (Changi City Point, Causeway Point, Waterway Point)
07. Halter tie dye dress, H&M (Waterway Point)
08. White rope belt, Gap (The Centrepoint)
09. Yellow leopard print scarf, Lalu (The Centrepoint)
10. Navy fringe necklace, Lalu (The Centrepoint)
11. Fringed slingback sandals, Charles & Keith (Causeway Point, Waterway Point)
12. Scarf detail handbag, Charles & Keith (Causeway Point, Waterway Point)

13. Orange floral necklace, Lalu (The Centrepoint)
14. Gosh eye palette, SaSa (Causeway PointNorthpoint, Waterway Point)
15.British Rose exfoliating gel body scrub, The Body Shop (Changi City Point, Causeway Point, Northpoint, Waterway Point)
16. Italian Summer Fig fragrance mist, The Body Shop (Changi City Point, Causeway Point, Northpoint, Waterway Point)
17. Floral bikini top, H&M (Waterway Point)
18. Electric blue pleated shorts, Lalu (The Centrepoint)
19. Floating gutter printed phone cover, Factorie (Causeway Point, Waterway Point)
20. Mid waist belt, Charles & Keith (Anchorpoint)
21. Adidas sunglasses, Better Vision (Causeway Point, Northpoint, Waterway Point)
22. Collistar tanning SPF30 spray, SaSa (Causeway PointNorthpoint, Waterway Point)
23. The Smim Firming Care Essence, TheFaceShop (Causeway Point, Northpoint)

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