10 Tips to Make Your Crib Oh-So Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

Everything old is new again – and that’s never been more true than now. Whether you are looking to imbue your entire home (or just a room!) with the gorgeously vintage shabby chic aesthetic, here are a few tips to help you get started.

The shabby chic aesthetic is trending at the moment – and it’s hardly surprising why. Inspired by country living, soft pastel colour palettes and vintage statement pieces, the look is warm, authentic, casually opulent AND wonderfully Instagram-friendly.

The great thing about this design trend is that its informal nature gives you lots of options. You are free to mix and match as you choose, play up eclectic pieces that speak to you personally, and change it about as you go along.

Here are 10 fool proof ways to bring the shabby chic aesthetic into your home:

Incorporate antique furniture

Incorporate antique furniture, fixtures and fittings into your decor. These can range from Victorian-era faucets and mirrors in the bathroom to a weathered metal window box for your plants.

When deciding on flooring, go for natural wood floors for most rooms. In tiled rooms, like the kitchen, opt for alternative black and white tiles — reminiscent of cafes from the 1920s and the 1930s!

Wood and metal

Don’t be afraid to mix wood and metal as this too harks back to earlier design eras. Avoid plastic or glossy finishes as these might come across as more contemporary.

Distressing techniques

Use distressing techniques to give wooden or leather furniture a naturally weathered look.

Check out these fool-proof techniques to give your wooden frames a weathered look – totally doable right?

Mix and match

Mix and match your sofa or dining sets (as opposed to going for a complete matching set). Each piece should be distinct in style, colour or finish.

Shabby chic colour palette

The shabby chic colour palette is characterised by soft pastels such as pale pinks and faded blues — but don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour here and there to tie the room together.

Natural wood

Find a focal point in your living room to display your favourite vintage accessories, such as a shelf or the top of a chest of drawers. Think old family photos in tarnished silver frames, dried flowers in a vase, letters tied with ribbon, an old typewriter, or a prized pair of Wedgewood tea cups.

Shabby chic dining table

No shabby chic dining table is complete without lace and ribbons — set your table with delicate lace-edged tablecloths, crocheted doilies, mismatched vintage china, and cutlery tied with a ribbon.

For a modern kitchen with a rustic, vintage touch: mix modern fixtures with sunny coloured walls and white or pastel-painted cabinets.

For a sophisticated touch to the shabby chic bedroom, layer white on white. Go for white bedding in rustic fabrics, a white cast-iron headboard, white bedside tables and white walls for an airy, soothing space.

For shabby chic supplies and inspiration, visit these stores:

A Tilly A Day (Waterway Point)
Bedroom Affairs (Waterway Point)
Daiso (Eastpoint Mall & Waterway Point)
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ETOZ (Northpoint)
Exim Arts (Anchorpoint)
Home-Fix The D.I.Y Store (Causeway Point, Eastpoint Mall & Northpoint)
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Pink Rose (Causeway Point)
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(The Centrepoint)
Typo (Anchorpoint & Waterway Point)

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