Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Traveling somewhere cold? Enjoy the lovely cool weather in style and comfort with these smart tips!

It’s almost year-end and for many of us, that much awaited getaway is just around the corner. We know how much you’re raring to escape Singapore’s heat and humidity while strolling down chilly streets in stylish cool-weather getup (scarves and hoodies anyone?) but packing to stay warm often adds weight and bulk to your suitcase.

Fortunately, there is hope. Check out these packing tips that’ll help you pack light while making sure you have all you need!

1. Choose a lightweight suitcase

First, start with a sturdy but lightweight suitcase. Samsonite, American Tourister and Universal Traveller carry a range of stylish and durable luggage options to cater to each traveller’s needs. These will keep your belongings safe and secure without adding too much extra luggage weight.

2. Do the roll

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Fit as much as you can into every inch of your nifty Samsonite suitcase.

One great way to organise your suitcase is to compartmentalise the space. Sort your items into sections or individual bags for easier access later. You can try stuffing rolled-up belts into the neck of collared shirts, or socks in shoes to preserve their shape. And remember to roll (not fold) your clothes! This reduces creasing and saves space by filling every available nook and cranny in your luggage.

3. Keep your travel essentials aside

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Every packing list includes travel essentials, like your passport, wallet, handphone and charger. Almost everything else can be bought anywhere.

If you want to avoid starting from scratch each time you pack for a holiday, then keep the basics in your travel bag. Some travel staples like medicines, earplugs or headphones, all-in-one toiletries bag, and even a sleeping mask can make a huge difference in travel comfort. Plus, they are easy to stash away until the next trip!

Pro tip: Dryer sheets are perfect for keeping your clothes fresh and scented. Always keep them handy and put a sheet or two in your luggage before you go on holiday. Find these in the laundry section at NTUC FairPrice.

4. Get help from everyday packing aids

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Packing aids keep your luggage organised, safe from any leaks, and your dirty clothes away from your clean ones.

Everyday storage options like ziplock bags and cling wrap are not just useful in the kitchen! (Both are easily available from NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage and Japan Home.) They can also double up as packing aids to keep your items organised in your luggage. Storing electronics, cables, passports, and liquids in ziplock bags helps prevent damage from spills by providing some waterproofing among your belongings. You can even double bag them if needed!

Stuffing your clothes into big ziplock bags also allows you to fit more into your luggage. Simply fold them neatly, place them into the ziplock bag, squeeze out all the air from the bag, and voilà! – now you have one compact bundle that takes up minimal space.

And when packing bottles of liquid, simply place a layer of cling wrap over the neck of the container and secure it in place with the lid to keep the liquid from leaking into your bag.

5. Think small

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Save space by using refillable travel size containers!

Sample packs and travel size toiletries are your best friend as they provide just the right amount of bath essentials for your trip, while being light and space-saving. If you don’t have these, you can simply buy refillable travel size containers from Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty or Sasa, and transfer bath essentials into them as and when you need to. The great thing about refillable containers is you can keep re-using them for a long time.

Pro tip: The same goes for your favourite perfume! Get an atomiser spray (available in 5ml or 10ml containers) from Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty or Sasa to bring your favourite scents along.

And if you really need to cut down on the clothes you bring on your trip (or maybe you’re saving space for all the shopping you intend to do!) you can also bring individual packs of laundry detergent for washing your clothes on the go.

6. Be safe

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Guard yourself from potential pickpocketing or electronic malfunctions with these simple steps.

Invest in a good universal adaptor to ensure your gadgets will work (and charge) overseas. If you’re the type to bring the whole suite of electronics on a trip, then get a multi-faced adaptor so you can charge more than one gadget at a time. Some adaptors also come with USB ports. This will help you cut down on accessories to bring. Find one that suits you best at electronics stores like Harvey Norman, Challenger or Best Denki.

Remember to seal your gadgets in waterproof ziplock bags to prevent any damage from accidental spillages. It barely adds any extra weight and saves you from unwanted mishaps!

Pro tip: Hide your valuables in inconspicuous containers, like used roll film boxes or empty packets of wet wipes. But make sure that these are never in your check-in luggage because you never know when it could get lost on the way to its destination!

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7. Plan dual-purpose outfits

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Plan your outfits with basics and essentials, topped with snazzy accessories, so you can spruce up your look without overloading your suitcase.

We’ve saved the best for last. Probably the most essential items to pack along are clothes! Because what is a holiday without the obligatory #OOTDs? But at one point, we all have experienced the difficulty of striking a balance between under-packing and over-packing on outfits. So, what is the best way to do this?

Go with dual-purpose garments because they are versatile. For example, a smart coat (available at Marks & Spencer) with a hood is perfect for shielding you from drizzles and strong winds. A trendy cap (available at Cotton On) works as a stylish way to keep the sun and rain out. Or a sleek pair of trackies (available from Factorie) doubles up as a comfy outfit for plane travel and pyjamas for your trip. Even dual-purpose makeup like rouge for your lips and cheeks helps save as much space as possible. Choose from Metro’s huge range of cosmetics and skincare for whatever climate you may encounter on your journey.

Possibly the best dual-purpose clothing you can have is a scarf! Incredibly multifunctional, it not only keeps you warm from cold winds, or protects you from the sun, it can also add variety to your outfits. Use it for sitting on or covering up, as a neck pillow for plane rides and a blanket for night travel, and even as a towel in a pinch! Grab one today from H&M.

8. Layer up

Packing Tips for Your Cool-Weather Getaway
Uniqlo’s Heattech collection offers a diverse range of heat retaining layers that are effective and chic for any outfit. Pair them with dual-purpose items, and you’ll be able to save more luggage space for more shopping!

Layers are the best way to dress when you’re unfamiliar with unpredictable temperature and weather conditions. Being able to take off and put on layers when you need to will prove to be incredibly convenient and practical!

Multiple layers also add to your wardrobe choices, allowing you to mix and match different items of clothing for a new outfit every day! Sticking with neutral colours or a similar colour palette will help you to match pieces tastefully. For example, wear tights under your pants for extra warmth, or just by themselves under a long shirt.

Pro tip: Quick-dry fabrics are both lightweight and incredibly convenient. It’s even better if they’re also wrinkle-free!

We’re sure everyone agrees that going on a holiday is so much more enjoyable without any added pressure, like what and how much to bring. So, remember all these tips when you plan and pack for your next getaway!





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