Your Favourite Gourmet Burgers with a Twist

Our Favourite Gourmet Burgers with a Twist

Burgers are known as quick and simple fast food that are tasty, satisfying and fills you up like a regular meal should. Paired with fries and a cup of soft drink, it is simple but surely an indulgence.

But today, the heart-warming hamburger has since come a long way, and has been reinvented in bistros, bars, and restaurants in the recent years. So, if burgers are close to your heart, check out this list of the best and most affordable gourmet burgers we’ve tried.

1. The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)’s Mentaiko Chicken Burger

TCC is one of the leading chains of boutique cafés, serving up gourmet food and fancy beverages. Although they’re not really known for their burgers, this doesn’t mean they’re not any good! The Mentaiko Chicken Burger is a tender, grilled chicken patty, with a layer of spicy cod roe sauce and soft, creamy avocadoes served between toasted charcoal buns. The burger comes with a side of fresh greens and warm truffle fries, making this a complete, gourmet meal – and for under $20!

2. The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC)’s Wagyu Beef Burger

TCC has other burger offerings, such as their decadent Wagyu Beef Burger. The luxuriously marbled wagyu beef patty is served between toasted charcoal buns with grilled tiger prawns, a homemade garlic shrimp floss, and a citrus-truffle dressing to complement both the earthy richness of the wagyu and the freshness of the shrimp – making this the best surf and turf option there is! The burger also comes with a side of fresh greens and truffle fries, for only $23.80!

Try them both at The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC), Anchorpoint (#01-07/08)


Because we dare you to. BRING IT ON.

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3. Wolf Burger’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger is surprisingly affordable for the quality it delivers. Imagine crispy, buttermilk-battered, golden fried chicken, served between two soft, pillowy buns, and salted egg mayo. Add in their homemade slaw of julienned carrots and beetroot, and you get something short of awesome. And you know what what they say about Wolf Burgers, it’s ‘so good you will wolf them down’!

4. Wolf Burger’s Magic Shrooms Burger

If fried chicken and burgers don’t add up for you, try their Magic Shrooms Burger instead. With freshly ground beef patties cooked to the done-ness of your choice, the burger is dressed with sautéed, truffled mushrooms, caramelised onions, and melted Swiss cheese. The patties are juicy, and the sweetness of the onions and the gooey-ness of the cheese are brought together by the luxurious, decadent lift of the truffles.

Get your fix at its first standalone outlet in Singapore! Wolf Burger, Changi City Point (#01-43)

5. Table Manners’ King’s Burger

Table Manners takes alfresco dining to the next level with its fancy outdoor pavilion overlooking a small indoor garden, which sets the scene for your next gourmet burger experience. The King’s Burger is a generous portion of bacon, a juicy beef patty, a delectable onion relish, gherkins, and cheddar. This is crowned, finally, with a glorious fried egg – served sunny side-up! The burger comes with truffle fries and their house salad, making this a great meal to have for a leisure lunch, together with after-work drinks or over brunch with friends!

Check them out at Table Manners, The Oasis at Changi City Point (#01-69)

6. Ollie Kitchen & Bar’s Classic Burger

Ollie’s Classic ($14.90) is every burger fan’s staple – the classic cheeseburger. Ollie’s Classic comes with a juicy, 180g grilled beef patty, caramelised onions, melted cheddar, crisp romaine lettuce, and juicy tomatoes, served between golden, crispy, yet soft brioche buns. Ollie’s Classic is definitely the grownup, luxurious throwback of the burgers we know and love.

7. Ollie Kitchen & Bar’s BBQ Pork Burger

Ollie’s best-selling burger, on the other hand, is their BBQ Pork Burger ($17.90). Served with grilled pineapple rings, a juicy, tender pork patty with their secret barbecue salsa, on top of crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes, the burger is served piping hot between toasted, black sesame seed–dusted brioche buns. The sweetness and the acidity of the pineapple help to cut through the richness of the patty, balancing and enhancing the flavour of the entire burger!

Try them both at Ollie Kitchen & Bar, Gastro+ at The Centrepoint (#01-33M)


8.3/10. Sirloin’s so good. Sides were not too bad.

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8. Astons Steak & Salad’s ieat Super Burger

Are you up for a challenge? Aston’s ieat Super Burger will definitely give you a run for your money! This Super Burger is a juicy beef patty served with sweet and crispy fried onions, crispy bacon rashers, a delicious layer of melty, gooey cheese, mayo, fresh lettuce, and a hickory barbecue sauce, sandwiched between a warm and fluffy sesame bun. The many ingredients build up to a complex, rich and tasty burger, only complemented by the light crisp of the lettuce – lightening each bite with a hint of freshness. If you’re very hungry, or huge burger fan, this is definitely a top choice for you!

9. Astons Steak & Salad’s Wagyu Burger

If you’re after something smaller without compromising on deliciousness, Aston’s Wagyu Burger might just hit the spot. The Wagyu Burger comes with a juicy, Grade 5 wagyu patty, gooey, melted cheese, juicy tomatoes and fresh crispy lettuce. The patty retains its juiciness and soft texture – characteristics classic to wagyu-grade beef, giving this burger a refined, yet uncomplicated taste.

Try them both at Aston’s Steak & Salad, Gastro+ at The Centrepoint (#03-28/28A)

10. 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken’s B.F.F. 

Feeling up for Korean fried chicken, but also feeling like having a burger? Why not both? The B.F.F. comes with a patty of fried chicken served just the way you like it – crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and basted with your choice of Soy Garlic or Hot sauce. The B.F.F. is served with their famous curry mayo and fresh button mushrooms, in between two soft, toasted sesame buns.

Get your very own at 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken, in Northpoint (#01-15 (P)) & Causeway Point (#01-38/39). 


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11. BurgerUp’s Cranberry Chicken Supreme Burger

Feeling fancy? With the wonderful union of ham, a juicy chicken patty, and luxurious cranberry jam, this burger tastes like Christmas in your mouth – and it costs less than $20! The sweet and tangy cranberry jam brings a surprising and refreshing lift, providing a delightful balance between savoury and sweet.

12. BurgerUp’s Yuan Yang Burger

If cranberry jam’s not your thing, check out BurgerUp’s other luxurious offerings. With a combination of their chicken patty, as well as a juicy, grilled beef patty, the Yuan Yang Burger is the choice pick for any meat lover! The burger is crowned with a glorious fried egg, fresh tomatoes and greens, and served in between soft, sesame buns.

Try them both at BurgerUp, Waterway Point (#B2-06) & Yishun 10 (#01-03)!


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13. Club Meatballs’ Pimp Your Burger

With Club Meatballs’ choose-your-own-adventure burger, your burger experience will never be the same every time you come back for more! With the choice of beef, chicken, or falafel balls, you can dress it up with a choice of raw or roasted onions, bacon, Swiss cheese, beetroot, pineapple… and many more other tantalising options. Choose from a variety of 7 kinds of sauces, and create the burger of your dreams! Pimp Your Burger comes with 3 balls of your choice, crunchy lettuce, and juicy sliced tomatoes in between a toasted sesame bun – with fries and a sauce on the side.

Experience the adventure at Club Meatballs, China Square Central (#01-05/07,#01-12/17, #01-34/36 & 33A). 

Burgers are some of the best things to have with beers and friends on a great day, so here’s to honouring the timeless, tastiness that is the beautiful burger – may they never go away!

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