Mammoth Korean Bingsu. We Dare You.


Gooey, Crunchy, Lick-The-Spoon Worthy Korean Desserts.

Ten years ago it was Peanut Ice Kachang.

Then came the year of bubble teas and flavoured popcorn. And if some of you remember, the smells-better-than-it-tastes roti buns.

Now, it’s time to make way for a herd of mammoth Korean desserts coming this way.  In all their fluffy, gooey, crunchy texture-bomb glory.

I urge you to get on our imagination train and visualise a mountain of feathery-light, melt-in-your-mouth shaved iced, bedazzled with all your favourite ingredients. Your choice of ingredients would traditionally be the ones reserved for breakfast, say cornflakes, Oreo cookies, strawberries, chocolate sauces and more yum.

Top it off with a baby elephant-size scoop of smooth, thick ice cream and you’ve got every sweet-tooth’s paradise.

Did we mention that the Bingsu only come in one size? Humongous.

We tried the Bingsus at One Ice Café located at Waterway Point. Look at the menu and you’ll be tempted by everything. And you’ll probably end up ordering two bowls to share.

One Ice Café’s Matcha Bingsu comes with sticky, sweet red bean, crunchy cornflakes and a scoop (more like a scoop and a half) of Matcha ice cream.

For $6.80, the Matcha Bingsu ($6.80) was pretty mind-blowing. The Matcha ice cream was rich and smooth, but it was with the pairing of red bean and crispy cornflakes that made it unique.

Best of all, there was a surprise waiting in the centre of the Bingsu… Dig into the mountain and you’ll find precious mochi hidden within… A mouthful of sticky mochi and snowy shaved ice… you’ll be glad Bingsu only come in portions this big!

One Ice’s Oreo Bingsu is made for Oreo-lovers.

The Oreo Bingsu will remind you of a delicious chocolatey volcano because it has a generous serving of Oreo chunks scattered all over like volcanic rocks, chocolate ice cream on top and oozing chocolate sauce flowing down like lava. The point is, you can hardly see the ice below. Crunch and slurp your way through this icy escapade.

You see, every bowl is filled with never-ending surprises and textural delights, perfect for any date! We must say, from Choco Banana Bingsu to Choco Berries Bingsu, you’ll love the sense of exploration and fun that every One Ice’s Bingsu provides.

So if you’re planning a weekend outing with family and friends, One Ice Café at Waterway Point is definitely an adventure worth taking. We dare you!

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