Guilty Pleasures and Where to Find Them

Guilty Pleasures and Where to Find Them

There’s absolutely no reason required to indulge in good food, or to justify your cravings for guilty pleasures.

From finger food to a main course, here are the crowd favourites.

1. Everything Chocolate at Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate does all sorts of things in… you guessed it, chocolate. Try their premium Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, which is made right here in Singapore. If you’re looking for something richer, try their Super Stacked Chocolate Cake with six layers of cake and fudge, which is like a super-sized version of their All Chocolate Cake. Because why have the usual 2 layers, when you can have six!

For moments where you can’t decide between complete chocolate indulgence, or going for something light, give the Chocolate Mille Crepe a go. It’s made of thin, fragrant layers of chocolate crepe, sandwiched between fluffy and light layers of chocolate cream, which gives this cake a delicate feel.

Indulge today at Awfully Chocolate – Changi City Point (#B1-07).


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2. Frozen Yoghurt at llaollao

Step aside, ice cream, it’s frozen yoghurt time! With Singapore’s intense heat, sometimes the richness that comes with ice cream gets a little too much. But the lightness of froyo prevails! Froyo is perfect when you want something cool, light and sweet, that also doesn’t make you feel too guilty. And with llaollao’s adventure-of-your-choice approach, frozen yoghurt might never be the same. Choose your toppings of fruit, sweets, sauces, granola, or cookies, or rock it plain!

Get a cup at llaollao – Waterway Point West Wing (#01-63), Causeway Point (#01-63) and Changi City Point (coming soon).


What better way to spend your afternoon relaxing with your favourite cuppa and cheese tarts! Bliss~ #HokkaidoBakedCheeseTart #HBCT

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3. Cheese Tarts at Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Made with crisp, buttery pastry and filled with rich, smooth, and delectable cream cheese, this tart is not for the faint of heart. Gooey on the inside, and buttery on the outside, it’s no wonder that people line up for hours just to get their hands on these! Eat them fresh out of the oven to enjoy the melty, oozy, centres, or enjoy them chilled or frozen for that smooth, ice cream–like texture!

Grab yours at Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart – Changi City Point (#B1-K5).

4. Coffee at dal.komm COFFEE

Coffee. This magical elixir not only tastes and smells great but boosts productivity. If you’re big on the hipster coffee scene (or if you’re big into anything Korean), dal.komm COFFEE won’t be a stranger to you. Besides the fact that after dal.komm COFFEE made its debut on the Korean drama series “Descendents of the Sun”, this popular Korean café chain has since opened its flagship outlet at The Centrepoint, and they do serve great coffee!

Coffee connoisseurs can enjoy a morning or afternoon ‘coffee party’ with dal.komm’s various blends. Specialising in Arabica brews, dal.komm has 4 blends made with a variety of beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Tanzania. Choose how strong or aromatic you want your coffee to be, and pair it with something from their sweet and savoury selection of pastries and cakes!

For others who simply enjoy a cool place to hang out at, check out their wide selection of fruit-and-milk beverages, and listen to some tunes in this music-themed café. Their modern, urban industrial interiors contribute to its chilled-out vibe, making it the perfect place to unwind with a steaming cuppa!

Caff up today at dal.komm COFFEE – The Centrepoint (#01-01/06 & #01-102/103).


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5. Chicken Wings at 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Fried chicken, the international no fuss, classic, comfort food. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken serves up Korean style fried chicken, an easy favourite with its thin, crispy skin covered in a layer of sauce and spices. Their specialty is the 4Fingers Crispy Chicken Wings and Drummettes that are basted in soy garlic and mixed seasoning. Crispy on the outside, tender-juicy on the inside – it’s no surprise that they’re great for supper runs or afternoon snacks!

Get your hands dirty at 4Fingers Crispy Chicken – Northpoint (#01-15) and Causeway Point (#01-38/39).

6. Yakitori at Tori-Q

Yakitori, a popular street food in Japan, is simply meat (sometimes vegetables) dipped in a special Tare (sauce), and grilled on skewers. Great with beer and a company of friends, teatime snacks or party food, Tori-Q has a great selection of yakitori for you! Their bento sets also make for perfect quick-lunch options on a busy day at the office, transporting you to the streets of Japan with every bite!

Pick up some sticks at Tori-Q – Eastpoint Mall (#B1-K2).

7. Bak Chor Mee and Fishball Noodles at 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles

Fancy something more savoury and local? Have a bowl of spicy and vinegary Bak Chor Mee, a classic Singaporean favourite! With handmade meatballs, springy noodles, crispy pork fat, and stewed mushrooms, 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles serves up delicious minced meat noodles, crowning it all with a wonton on top!

85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles also serves up some of the most authentic fishball noodles in town. Their handmade fishballs and fishcake are made with fresh yellowtail fish, with a closely guarded recipe that has been handed down by the grandfather of the Fei Siong Group’s director. The noodles are springy and al dente, making this a worthy contender to quell those cravings.

Get them both at 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodles – Eastpoint Mall (#B1-16) and Valley Point(#01-07).

8. Ayam Panggang at Desa Kartika Indonesian Restaurant

Want something savoury and satisfying, and also packs a bit of spice to keep things interesting? Desa Kartika Indonesian Restaurant uses the freshest ingredients and exotic spices to produce traditional, award-winning, and authentic Indonesian cuisine. Try their Ayam Panggang, served either Balinese style with a sweet sauce, grilled to perfection, or in the traditional Padang sauce!

Try it today at Desa Kartika Indonesian Restaurant – The Centrepoint (#04-13/15).


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9. Char Kway Teow at The Coffee House

The Coffee House serves Singaporean favourites from breakfast to supper. Reminiscent of teahouses in Hong Kong, The Coffee House is big on the chill vibes, serving up local dishes like Laksa and Char Kway Teow for everyone to enjoy. Local snacks like Muah Chee (soft, glutinous rice with crush peanuts) can also be found here, with fancier, deluxe versions complete with azuki red beans, sliced almonds, and sesame seeds. It’s always crowded on weekends, so faster chop a spot. This is a place that is not to be missed!

Try them today at The Coffee House – Waterway Point West Wing (#B2-05).


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10. Nasi Lemak at Crave

Sometimes all we want is something familiar, hearty and nourishing for our soul. Crave uses the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create the ultimate Nasi Lemak experience. Armed with the secret recipe of Selara Rasa (the creators of the Original Adam Road Nasi Lemak), their coconut basmati rice is fragrant and heart-warming, crowned with a shiny, magnificent sunny side-up egg. Choose between fried fish, fried chicken, fish fillets or the works. You can also add on Otahs for the holistic Nasi Lemak experience!

Grab a plate at Crave – Waterway Point East Wing (#B1-K7).

11. Ramen at Ajisen Ramen

Ah, ramen. Hot in our hands and warm in our tummies, making it the perfect rainy-day meal. Ajisen was founded in Japan in the late 1960s and is famous for its Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth that is used for best sellers like the Cha Shu ramen. It definitely satisfies with its gooey shoyu egg and flavourful, collagen-rich broth! Fancy something else? Their extensive menu will leave you spoiled for choice!

Get your fix at Ajisen Ramen – Changi City Point (#01-36) and Causeway Point (#B1-18).

12. Rosti at The Rösti Farm

Imagine grated potatoes, fried up in a skillet, served golden brown and piping hot with a dollop of sour cream and cheese! Then choose from a wide variety of protein options of sausages, steak, eggs, chicken, turkey bacon, and even seafood, to make your meal complete! The Rösti Farm offers all these and more – including truffled Parmesan curly fries, a selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, and salted egg onion rings. To up their ante, they serve milkshakes from Once Upon A Milkshake under the same roof, allowing you to enjoy a milkshake while having your meal. This makes for the ultimate decadent and indulgent meal you could possibly ask for, all in one place!

Get them all here at The Rösti Farm – Waterway Point East Wing (#B1-K12).

The list is endless… from the fanciest of treats to the most comforting food for the soul, it’s worthwhile to keep your tummies happy before you shop up a storm. So go on, let’s get those cravings sorted!

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