Fool-Proof Hacks For a Tranquil Home

There’s nothing like going home to your comfort zone at the end of the day to keep the chaotic pace of your busy world at bay. The home is that one place where we all want to nurse our wounds, recharge, and relax after a long day at work. We don’t know about you, but we want to be enveloped in its embrace at the end of a daily grind.    

Even if you have limited space, you can make your home your very own nirvana of peace and quiet to generate more comfort and relaxation. These great ideas are just what you need to make your living space a place for rejuvenation.     

Keep your space neat and tidy. An uncluttered home creates a very pleasant atmosphere.
Keep your space neat and tidy. An uncluttered home creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

Think minimalist

A cluttered space only makes you more distracted and stressed. Practice “less is more” by getting rid of the things you don’t need or seldom use, which you can either donate or dispose of. For the things you use all the time, organise them and practice EPPE (Everything in Place and a Place for Everything), wherein you designate specific areas for your items and make sure you store them in these areas when they are not in use. Decluttering creates more space in your home while cutting down on dust and cleaning time. 

Softness = Calmness

If you’re looking into renovating your home, consider hardwood floors or parquet flooring in light colours to create an illusion of softness around the house. Complement the flooring with soft area rugs to add softer textures and bring a calmer, more relaxing ambiance.    

Let it flow naturally

Natural and light fabrics add softness to the whole vibe of your house. Pick fabrics with sheer silhouette for curtains to easily invite natural light in. Choose cotton, linen, or wool for pillow cases or tablecloth as these fabrics are easy on the eyes and offer more comfort.

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Choose lighter colour schemes for a more serene ambiance.
Choose lighter colour schemes for a more serene ambiance.

Tone it down

Colours directly impact the mood. Loud, bright hues induce stress or have an energising effect, while subtle colours calm and soothe the senses. If you want to repaint your interiors, pick neutrals or earthy colours like green and blue which bring to mind nature and water. Lighter shades like white, beige, and grey are ideal as well for a more serene ambiance. If repainting is not possible, consider getting items that can help bring calm and comfort to your home like curtains, sheets and sofa covers in soft tones.

Let there be (natural) light

Just like colour schemes, lighting plays an important role when making the home a dwelling of tranquility. If natural sunlight is available, be sure to clear the windows of anything that could prevent natural light from coming in. At night, veer away from harsh lighting and opt for lamps, pendant lights, or candles which have a soft glow that’s relaxing.

Use different natural scents depending on your mood: Lavender or Camomile if you need to relax, or Citrus tones if you want to feel energized.
Use different natural scents depending on your mood: Lavender or Camomile if you need to relax, or Citrus tones if you want to feel energized.

Fragrant options

Natural scents never fail to give a calming effect, so consider getting scented candles or room diffusers that use essential oils. Fresh, natural scents not only keep you relaxed but also help invigorate you for another busy day.  

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Plants bring life into every room!
Plants bring life into every room!

Bring nature in

Having plants inside the house can transform your home into a relaxing abode. Lush greens help purify the air while adding flowery plants not only brighten any part of the house but also instantly fill the air with soothing aroma. If you don’t have a balcony, you can opt for indoor plants or planters that can be maintained easily. Bonsai and sculptural plants are also ideal choices for greening your home.

And If you like cooking, you can create an urban herb garden right in your kitchen! Aside from livening up your space, you can also pluck some leaves to add a dash of freshness to your dishes.

Designate a tech area

In this day and age of social media and real-time connection, it’s impossible to completely disconnect yourself from the world. You can keep the peace, though, by assigning a specific area where you can have all your electronics there and do what you need to with your gadgets. When it’s time for bed, never bring your gadgets inside the bedroom to avoid distraction.  

Choose art pieces that complement your room decor.
Choose art pieces that complement your room decor.

Find peace in art

Your favourite artwork or any artistic object can serve as a good focal point to help relax and calm your thoughts. Keep in mind, though, that you’re going for less distraction, so keep your decorations to a minimum.

Art need not be expensive, so don’t shy away from getting your home a nice piece. Check out some tips on where to get affordable art pieces.

Positive vibes only

Happy memories bring positive thoughts, so hang snapshots of memorable times with your family members and friends. Looking at the smiling faces of your loved ones will always keep you in a good mood.

These finishing touches are perfect additions to create a living space that’s serene and relaxing. Your home is your private sanctuary, and it’s great that it can be easily transformed into anything that will help you become a better version of yourself – one that’s calm, collected, and relaxed whatever life throws your way.

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