Eyebrow Styles For Every Face Shape

Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face

Perfectly groomed eyebrows suited to your face are worth a million bucks – but they can also be the hardest to get right. Read on to discover the best arch for your face and learn how to achieve this season’s hottest eyebrow trend!

As the saying goes: if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains framing them. They help us express ourselves, they frame our faces, they lend balance and symmetry, and when shaped well, they have the power to make us look younger and fresher.

Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face

Yet, eyebrows shapes are much like haircuts – what works on one person might not work on another. Finding the right eyebrow shape for your face depends on your own unique face dimensions and shape. Here, we’ve got the lowdown for you:


This is an angular face shape with a square jaw so softly rounded brows are the way to go. Avoid overly-angular eyebrows as they will make you look fierce. Overly-rounded eyebrows are also a big no-no.


Round-faced individuals should opt for a shape that brings out and adds definition to their facial bone structure. Go for a more angular eyebrow with a higher arch. Avoid overly-round eyebrows as they will make the face look even rounder.


A long face has features that are spread out vertically so it is important to balance the face by playing up the horizontal axis. Do this by extending the tails of your brows a little bit further beyond the corner of your eye than you would for other face shapes. However, take care not to drag it too far or your eyes will appear droopy.


A heart shaped face has a petite jaw and a top half that is heavy so it is important to keep the brows compact and controlled (but not overly thin!)


Ultimately, no matter what your face shape, here are three golden rules for all to follow:

A. All brows should begin at the nose bridge. You can find this point by holding a pencil against your nose vertically.

B. The arch of your eyebrow should be about two-thirds of the way in, just past the outer edge of your iris.

C. Lastly, hold a pencil from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye. The tail of your eyebrow should, ideally, end on this line.


Trending This Season: Bold Eyebrows

It’s a simple trick: thick eyebrows makes one’s face look more carefree and youthful, and are incredibly on-trend at the moment with celebrities from Cara Delevingne and Beyonce to Korean Pop Stars rocking the look. But if years of plucking have left your eyebrows skinny and sparse, here are a few steps and products to help you get the look!

Step 1: Follow the above three “golden rules” to determine where your brow should begin, arch, and end. Then use a brow comb to brush your eyebrow hairs upward, in the same direction as growth, then trim the excess length with eyebrow scissors.

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Step 2: Pluck stray hairs with slanted tweezers. Be careful not to over pluck!

Step 3: Use a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas with short, quick strokes. You will need a pencil no more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. If you’re not comfortable using a traditional eyebrow pencil, opt for a tinted brow gel or tint as these are easier to control.

Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face
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Step 4: To finish off, dab highlighter directly under the brow bone to illuminate and highlight the eye area.

And voila, perfectly shaped brows for that million dollar look!

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