Dedicated to Mochi Lovers. Ice Cream Lovers Included.


Love Mochi? Love Ice Cream? Love both?

Kane Mochi is the place for premium mochi ice cream that comes in 17 different flavours!

Originally a Bangkok concept, the staff at Waterway Point’s Kane Mochi outlet are known to be incredibly helpful and are always happy to recommend their best-selling flavours. So don’t feel shy to approach.

A bite of ice-cool mochi is the perfect after-school treat.

The most popular item is the Kane Sundae ($7.90). What better way to surprise your kids after a bike ride along Punggol’s scenic Waterway Park?

We picked the peach mochi which comes in a freshly baked waffle bowl and topped with Kane Mochi’s Signature Blueberry Yogurt Ice Cream (you can choose other ice cream flavours too).

Believe it or not, the whip cream was salted caramel flavoured. You can also get normal whip cream if you prefer.

Kane Mochi’s Signature Sundae

We also tried two other mochi ice cream flavours – Thai Iced Tea ($2.30) and Milk ($2.10). These two flavours come highly recommended.

Thai Iced Tea and Milk Mochi at Kane Mochi come in bite-sized cubes and in a dainty cup.

On a date? No problem, Kane Mochi also serve their mochi ice cream with waffles! Freshly baked waffles, a scoop of ice cream, whip cream and of course their signature mochi ice cream.

Instagram-worthy waffles at Kane Mochi.

So cheer your kiddos up after school with these delightful bite-sized morsels that come in really innovative flavours. Quick get your mochi fix at Kane Mochi, Waterway Point.

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