Living Healthy in the Fast Lane: Get Sporty Inside and Out


Now that you have the basics of how to eat good and feel good, you are well on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle! This final article in our 3-part series will now show you how to look good so you can project your inner sparkle all around.

Enter Athleisure, a rising fashion trend in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. Don’t ditch those yoga pants, tights/leggings, sweat pants or hoodies just yet the moment you step out of the gym because with just a little bit of accent and accessories, you can use these and make a fashion statement.

What’s more, athleisure fits right into Singapore’s climate with breathable fabric and loose tops. So, in this last installment in our Living Healthy in the Fast Lane series, we present you 5 tips on how to rock the athleisure look so that you can take your outfit from your workout to your brunch, and beyond!


1. Keep up with seasonal trends

Even if Singapore only has one season: HOT – it doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with the rest of the world’s seasonal fashion! Take inspiration from seasonal styles from trendy sports brands like Converse or Everlast at Causeway Point, and choose colour-blocked prints that speaks autumn. You’ll never get bored of your wardrobe again!


2. Mix function and fashion

First and foremost, it is important that your athleisure is functional as well as trendy. You don’t want to turn up at a social event with sweat stains at your armpits, or smelling like you just completed a 2-hour workout! Choose outfits that are made of performance fabrics as they are quick drying, odour resistant, and moisture wicking.

Hence, do keep in mind to check with the sales assistant what the outfits are made of. When in doubt, always check for the above 3 functionalities to avoid a faux pas 😉


3. Accessorize appropriately

It only takes one statement accessory to bring your outfit from crossfit to glam chic. It could be in the form of a pair of chic sunglasses, a stacked gold bracelets; a structured leather jacket or a pair of cute booties. The trick is to project a sleek and sporty feel to the overall outfit and appearance.

Lovisa or Chamelon at Causeway Point offers a wide selection of accessories you can choose from.


4. Dress for the occasion

As a rule of thumb, always be mindful of the dress code of the event that you are heading to. If you are going for a charity function or a dinner and dance, we probably wouldn’t encourage the athleisure look, unless it’s part of the event theme.

Typically, establishments in Singapore have no hard and fast rules on the athleisure outfit. However, if your look that day is hot yoga pants, try throwing on an over-sized top, funky accessories and a hot pair of heels, and voilà! – you have just made yourself a glam evening look!


5. When in doubt, stick to neutrals

No matter what you wear, it’s all about the confidence you portray that makes or breaks an outfit. If you are uncomfortable walking the streets and hitting social events in athleisure but still would like to experiment, we’d recommend starting off with geometric prints or neutral colours such as black, white, and grey. These are safe, easy to pull-off, and you can hardly go wrong with them. Once you are more comfortable flaunting your gym wear outside, you can then experiment with brighter and louder colours such as pink and orange. Try also adding a dash of bright colours to the neutrals too if you want something colourful yet subtle.

And here are some staple sporty pieces you should have handy in your wardrobe:


To rock the athleisure look, make sure you have these – just in case – and get ready to mix and match!

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