8 Craft Beer Facts to Up Your Street Cred

8 Craft Beer Facts to Up Your Street Cred
Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill,
Changi City Point

So we’ve been hearing a lot about this trendy thing called craft beers lately… and we’re definitely not talking about that can of beer in your fridge!

We’re talking about artisanal beers brewed in small batches to create only the most exotic flavours – all with the ability to delight and surprise your taste buds at the same time!

So if you’re hanging with your buddies tonight, get out a notepad because your party could become way cooler than you originally envisioned it to be.

Craft beer expert, Andrew, owner of Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill lets us in on the world of craft beers!

1. It’s About Creative Experimentation

While it seems that the ingredients of  most beers are water, hop, malt and yeast, things get really interesting when you know that there are up to 31 types of hop varieties, 16 types of malts and 2 types of yeast!

Just playing with the different combinations can give a craft brewer a whole suite of flavour profiles to work with. On top of that, fruits and herbs are also added to produce the most unique palate experiences and flavour combinations!

Highly Recommended by the Moa crew are: Motueka Quaffer, Methode Pilsner, White Lager-Wheat, Southern Alps and Pale Ale

2. Get Intimate with your Ingredients

The very essence of craft beers is how they are brewed using only the freshest ingredients. We get a sense that the pre-brewing process, although tedious, is somewhat intimate. The brewers go through a special selection and sort process with every single batch of ingredients to make sure only the best ingredients are used.

This only makes sense though!  Craft brewers brew their beers in small batches, so the quality and freshness of every ingredient in the brew makes a huge difference to the final taste.

Did you know that even the water used can change how a beer tastes too? The Moa Brewing Company only uses natural spring water (filtered) from the region of sunny Marborough, New Zealand, where the brewery is located. There are no industrial developments there which ensures exceptional water quality. The unique minerals and purity in the water also give the beers a unique taste!

Moa Brewing Company uses a natural carbonation technique that gives their beers an elegant, champagne-like mouthfeel!

3. The Beauty of Craft Beers

Here are some basics to what makes craft beers special:

  • A Million Naturally-Formed Bubbles. If you look at a glass of craft beer from Moa, you will notice a steady, quite mesmerising stream of bubbles rising to the top. There’s about a million of these naturally formed bubbles. This creates a layer of foam on top to protect the beer from oxidising too quickly and it helps maintain the beer’s flavour and freshness!
  • To create this natural effervescence, a touch of yeast is added to the beer during the bottling and kegging process. And unlike craft beers, non-craft beers are artificially carbonated with CO2.
  • Au Naturale. As opposed to non-craft beers that are usually made of extracts and syrups for flavour, craft beers are only made of natural ingredients like herbs, fruits and different species of hops.
  • The moment a beer is pasteurised and carbonated, it cannot be called a craft beer. You see, non-craft beers are pasteurised (where heat is applied to the beer at high temperatures to stop yeast from growing further) to ensure that they can be stored at room temperature for prolonged periods of time.
  • On the other hand, craft beers are never pasteurised – which is why they can only be kept for a shorter periods of time.

The Beauty of Craft Beers

  • Stay calm, it’s just cloudy. Non-craft beers are filtered completely to give it that clean and clear look while craft beers are only 85{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} filtered to keep some of the yeast and malts in the beer. This gives craft beers a cloudy look.

4. No Fancy Sipping!

There is no graceful sipping during beer tasting! Take a good mouthful and allow the beer to stay in the mouth before swallowing.

What you should look out for:

The bouquet – Do you taste any unique flavours, smells and aromas?

The body – How does the beer feel in the mouth? Is it thin, winey, light, medium, balanced, robust or dense? How about textures like carbonation and bubbliness?

No Fancy Sipping!
From left to right: Moa St Josephs Tripel, Moa Pale Ale, Moa South Pacific IPA

5. Ahoy for Beer Exploration

Because craft beers are brewed with such a rich selection of different ingredients, trying out a variety of beers can be very exciting!

For example, Moa Brewing Company produces a total of 12 different styles of beers for every palate. The 12 styles are: Wheat White Lager, Original, Methode, Motueka Quaffer, Sauvin Quaffer, Pale Ale, Five Hop, St. Joseph, Imperial stout, Festine Pine, Festive Red, Southern Alps, Apple cider. Check them out here!

Ahoy for Beer Exploration
Did you know that craft beers do not give you the same unpleasant fullness that other beers do?

6. There’s Always Something for the Ladies

Ladies should order the Moa seasonal beer called “Breakfast” which is a cherry-based brew that is as bubbly as champagne and feels silky smooth on the palate. You’ll surely enjoy its clean crisp taste and fruity aroma.

We also tried the St. Joseph Tripel and it proved to be surprisingly smooth and light with a nice bubbly texture to it. There was only a hint of bitterness which is perfect for light drinkers.

There’s Always Something for the Ladies
Crispy on the outside and steaming hot on the inside. Perfect with a glass of ice-cold brew. Image courtesy of Moa Brewing Company New Zealand Bar and Grill

7. A Whole New World with Food

The taste experience changes quite drastically when you pair your beers with food.

Highly recommended at Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar and Grill is to pair the Moa Pale Ale or Motueka Quaffer with their lamb rack.

Lamb Rack
The lamb racks are marinated with herbs for a unique aroma and chargrilled to smoky perfection. Image Courtesy of Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar and Grill

Their pork ribs, which also goes great with beer, are slow cooked for more than two hours, and the mouth-watering sauce is boiled over a slow fire.

8. The Right Beer Philosophy

Enjoy life to the fullest with great friends and beautifully crafted beers!” ~ Andrew

The Beauty of Craft Beers

More on Moa Tiki New Zealand
Bar and Grill

Quench your thirst with these glorious artisanal craft beers, brewed by New Zealand craft beer specialists Moa Brewing Company.

The Moa Brewing Company was founded in 2003 by Josh Scott, the son of renowned Marlborough winemaker Allan Scoot, with a focus on brewing super premium handcrafted beers. The brewery sits in Malborough, New Zealand, which is one of the world’s famous winemaking regions.

Remember to head to Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar and Grill for great Lunch offers, set dinners, and One-for-One drinks on Monday. This is one of the only few places in Singapore where you can get these special artisanal beers!

Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar and Grill is located at Changi City Point #01-70/71.

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