7 Ways Music Can Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Genius

7 Ways Music Can Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Genius

Is there a hidden genius in your child just waiting to be discovered?

Every child has the potential to achieve many great things in their life, and it is up to us to help them discover and cultivate their untapped potential.

Did you know that music has been found to be one of the best ways to awake a child’s sleeping genius? Better yet, the experts at Seimpi Education tell us that musical experiences have been shown to develop self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression in children.

Benefit 1:
Music is Intelligence

Hey, you don’t have to be good at Math or Physics to be a genius! According to Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, music intelligence is equal in importance to logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

Also, through multi-sensory experiences and high quality music training, your child could develop their physical coordination, sense of timing, memory, as well as visual, oral and language skills!

Benefit 2:
Music Enhances Brain Function and Development

Studies have shown that music enriching experiences during one’s childhood encourages the brain to develop to its full potential, and at a quicker rate.

With a carefully planned syllabus, music training classes at Seimpi Education have been designed to guide students aged 4 months and above to explore music using innovative musical play, games and activities.

Allow your child to explore interesting classes like violin, flute, piano, guitar, vocal training and even dance at Seimpi Education! Explore here.

Music courses like vocal training boosts confidence and develops great presentation skills!
Music courses like vocal training boosts confidence and develops great presentation skills!

Benefit 3:
Music allows Exploration of Different Interests and Skills

By exposing your child to different types of creative arts and activities, it gives them a chance to explore and develop their interests and natural skills.

Experts at Seimpi Education advise parents to be patient and give their child a chance to adapt to new subjects. Sometimes, children may only develop an interest and skill at a later stage of a class.

Benefit 4:
Music Nurtures Confidence and Boosts Presentation Skills

Vocal lessons, for example, cultivates good presentation skills and confidence when speaking in front of crowds. Specifically, they learn how to project their voice and become more expressive in their tone.

Violin training improves your child’s concentration and coordination.
Violin training improves your child’s concentration and coordination.

Benefit 5:
Music Improves Posture, Coordination and Concentration

Violin lessons actually help to improve one’s posture. Playing the violin requires a straight and tall sitting position, where eventually through training, the back and shoulders will be strengthened to support the upper body.

If you think about it, playing the violin also helps to improve motor skills and coordination. One has to coordinate both fingers and arms simultaneously, where your left fingers press on strings and the right arm controls the movement of the bow.

Violin playing also trains you to concentrate for prolonged periods in order to produce a beautiful and soothing sound. (This applies to adults too!)

Benefit 6:
Music Encourages Self-Expression

Dance classes are especially beneficial to children as they encourage self-expression and a sense of freedom.

Contemporary dance, for example, allows your child endless opportunities to be creative. It gives them a chance to express themselves freely and discover their own sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Benefit 7:
Music Encourages the Love for Learning New Things

At the end of the day, parents should view enrichment classes as a way for their child to have fun, explore the creative arts and discover themselves.

Try to let your child learn at their own pace and do not rush them into taking exams or advance to the next level when they are not ready. Failure might affect a child’s attitude or mentality negatively.

Interested in helping your child discover their true potential?
Interested in helping your child discover their true potential?

So make sure you encourage your child’s creativity and self-expression by being patient and letting them explore music and develop their skills at their own pace!


Seimpi Education, The Centrepoint

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