6 Photography Tips to Get Your Friends Drooling

Six Adventure Photography Tips to Get Your Friends Drooling

Just got back from a holiday or an adventure but wish you took better photos?

Good news, we’ve got six tips from photography experts at Click! that will make your friends really jealous of those Facebook and Instagram photos!

1.Leave Your Camera On.

Never sacrifice capturing an amazing moment by leaving your camera off.

Many photographers tend to leave their cameras switched off due to a fear of running out of battery and missing that once in a lifetime shot. But by doing so, you actually miss much more unexpected, split-second shots!

Solution? Pack one or more spare batteries so you can leave the camera on and leave the lens cap off (protect the front element with a hood or filter).

Image Courtesy of Click!
Image Courtesy of Click!

2. Include yourself in the frame

What makes a photo great is usually the human element. Experts at Click! recommend to always capture a person or interesting subject in rich landscape scenes.

Not with anyone when you encounter a beautiful scene? Put yourself in the frame!

Mount your camera on a tripod and set a 10 second self-timer. It is also a good idea to set-up the camera to take a series of shots rather than just one.

Position your subject with care
Image Courtesy of Click!

3. Position your subject with care

When you want to take a photo of a person or subject, always take note of where the subject is positioned within the frame. Contrary to popular belief, the distance of the subject to the camera doesn’t matter so much.

So when deciding where to place your subject, always try to have a solid colour or a negative space around it. This allows the subject to stand out in the picture with no visual distractions!

Choose a better point of view
Image Courtesy of Click!

4. Choose a better point of view

Point of view in photography is always important when trying to capture a scene in more creative ways. One way to make your photos stand out is to capture the scene from a different point of view.

A lower point of view would emphasise the subject more than the background, by making the subject appear larger in the image.

A higher point of view, on the other hand, would emphasise the background more than the subject.

Show a sense of scale
Image courtesy of Click!

5. Show a sense of scale

If you show someone an image of just a landscape, it is difficult for the viewer to get a sense of how impressive it really is.

So always capture an object or subject (for example a person) against the landscape to give the viewer an idea of the landscape’s scale.

For example, just showing an image of a cliff alone would not convey the impressive size of the cliff, however, if you include a person in the frame with the cliff hanging over, the viewer would immediately get a sense of how big the cliff is.

Sandy Weil and Karen Schooley hiking near Kool-Aid Lake at sunset, North Cascades, Image Courtesy of Click!
Sandy Weil and Karen Schooley hiking near Kool-Aid Lake at sunset, North Cascades, Image Courtesy of Click!

6. Make your viewers jealous

As the overall goal of adventure photography is to make your viewers want to explore the cool places you did, you would want to show images that make your viewers jealous! If you are able to achieve that, you have been successful.


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