6 Adorable Outfit Ideas for Twinning with Your Kids

Twinning outfits can sometimes be too much but when done right, you’ll become the talk of the town!

Well, we’ve all been there – dressing kids up may not be the most fun activity of the day.

Besides having to deal with fussy toddlers, there’s still the outfit planning that gets us into a bit of a conundrum. Because, admit it – as much as we want our kids to feel comfy in their clothes, we also want our mini-mes to look snazzy!

So, give yourself (and your little ones) a reason to love dress-up time by trying something that many celeb-mummies are crazy about – twinning with your kids! This simply means, dressing alike and getting all matchy-matchy with your little ones.

Cute? You betcha. Insta-worthy? Definitely! Now you’ve got the perfect excuse to go for a shopping spree and scour for some fab and budget-friendly finds with your little fashionista!

Twinning Outfit #1: Denim Chic

Match light-coloured tops with denim bottoms to achieve a clean look.

Mum and her little princess will surely have a fun time at the mall with a pair of jeans or jeggings, with a matching loose top and cute ballet flats. It’s a comfy yet stylish combo for when you both want to look casual on lazy weekends.

On the daughter: Top and denim shorts from Le Petit Pumm; shoes from Melissa available at Metro ($90); coin purse in Flamingo print from Catseye London available at Le Petit Pumm ($90); and Disney Kids sunglasses available at Metro ($13.90).

On mum: Blazer from Elaina available at Metro ($197); denim Jeans from Frankie available at Metro ($56.90); shoes from Melissa available at Metro ($135); clutch in Flamingo print ($39.95) and sunglasses both from Esprit; and necklace from Southaven ($53).

Twinning Outfit #2: Flower Power

Floral outfits are always adorable any time of the year!

Going out for brunch? A flowy dress or matching tops with a floral design will definitely make Mum and her little girl look cute together. These are also the perfect outfits for you and your child to get that fresh and summer-ready look.

On the daughter: Dress worn as a tunic flower headband from Hanna’s accessories and denim shorts all available at Le Petit Pumm.

On mum: Top from West ($49.90) and denim jeans from Frankie ($56.90) both available at Metro ; and shoes from Kiyo ($39).

Twinning Outfit #3: Gone monochrome

Channel a classic look with this black-and-white ensemble.

Catch a fun kid’s flick with your little one or take them to a fun workshop at Colour Kid’s World or A Tilly A Day while clad in a monochromatic plains-and-prints style, for a trendy take on a laid-back look.

On the son: Shirt with tie and black pants both available at Le Petit Pumm; and Disney Kids sunglasses available at Metro ($13.90).

On mum: Top (S$79) and skirt (S$79) both from Southaven; shoes from Hush Puppies; and sunglasses from Esprit.

Twinning Outfit #4: Sailor tailor

Look fresh in this outfit whether you are indoors or outdoors in sunny Singapore!

Dad and his mini-me will have a blast at the arcade in matching khaki outfits, as they battle it out in a fun game of hoops or overtake one another at the racing games. Or you can also take your little one for a refreshing stroll followed by a nice alfresco meal at Waterway Point or Roberston Walk.

On the son: Anchor print shirt from Peppermint kids available at Metro ($36.90); Khaki cargo trousers and LJ Breton bear from Jellycat both available at Le Petit Pumm; and Disney Kids sunglasses available at Metro ($13.90).

On dad: Top from Essentials ($23), Khaki pants ($50.91), shoes from Henry & Henry (S15), and hat from Hat of Cain ($15) all available at Metro; and sunglasses from Esprit.

Twinning Outfit #4: Proper Dapper

Look like you’ve just stepped out from a magazine shoot in this cute white-and-khaki outfit.

For a casual date with the girls, throw in some khaki pants or soft jeans, paired with a plain buttoned shirt, suspenders or bow tie, and sneakers – a perfect combo for the both of you to look classy yet comfy at the same time.

On the son: Blazer with faux vest and Bashful Monkey from Jelly Cat both available at Le Petit Pumm; and Disney Kids sunglasses available at Metro ($13.90).

On dad: Shirt from Kurt Woods ($89), Bow tie ($29) and Linen Khaki Bermuda ($39) all available at Metro; and belt from Esprit ($45.95).

Twinning Outfit #6: Preppy Happy

Show the ladies that boys can also clean up well with this dapper look!

Formal occasions can be the perfect opportunity to go out as fashion twins. Wear a polo shirt, pants and leather shoes combo when attending Grandma’s birthday or during an office event, and you two will look absolutely adorable together.

On the son: Inner shirt, George Cashmere cardigan in Navy from Olivier Baby and Kids, and Ernest shorts chambray linen shorts from Olivier Baby and Kids all available at Le Petit Pumm; and Disney Kids sunglasses available at Metro ($13.90).

On dad: Thomas Smith shirt ($19) and Men’s pullover ($144.50) both available at Metro; and Loukas Maxx shoes in Dark brown from Hush Puppies.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to twinning style, and you will definitely find outfits that will surely express both yours and your kid’s taste in fashion. So, raid the racks soon and get ready to twin away!

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