5 Space-saving Hacks for Your Home

Maximise space in your cozy home with the right furniture, accessories and tools.

Space is no doubt a common issue in many Singaporean homes. If you constantly worry about running out of space for new items or the growing clutter at home stresses you out, you’ll most likely agree. But here’s the good news – there are plenty of great space-saving furniture and simple tips and tricks that can help you achieve a neat and beautiful home. So, if you’re planning to spruce up your current home, are settling into a new one, or are on the hunt for space-saving hacks, here’s how you can embrace your snug little nook while using its space to the fullest.

1. Declutter and Organise

Maximise space in your cozy home with the right furniture, accessories and tools.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but decluttering is actually a difficult task for many as you could either feel a strong inertia to start cleaning when things pile up, or get overly nostalgic about holding on to items.

If you fall into the first category, here’s how decluttering can be easy: Take a deep breath. Then, divide your tasks. Instead of approaching it as a major clean-up, you can dedicate one weekend to clearing your desk and the following weekend to decluttering your cabinets and wardrobe. This way, you won’t feel too overwhelmed and can better focus on each part of the home.

It’s understandable that you’ll find it hard to get rid of items that you’ve had for a long time. However, eliminating what you no longer need doesn’t just neaten the space. It also has positive psychological effects such as improving your concentration and can be a good form of catharsis. If throwing out everything at once feels wasteful, think out of the box by upcycling your old items into useful home accessories and deco pieces. Or donate your old clothes to H&M and be rewarded for your recycling efforts with discount vouchers!

Once you’re done with decluttering, you can then organise your new space. Get caddies for your wardrobe and desk so you can section out your items. Or if you’re the handy sort, use your upcycled boxes to store things neatly. Be sure to only keep the essential things within sight and stow away items that you don’t use as regularly.

Get desk storage organisers from Japan Home, Daiso and Miniso.

2. Pick the right furniture

With the right furniture, achieving the ideal space at home will be a breeze. Two great types of furniture for compact homes are all-in-one and hideaway systems. Besides helping to organise your various belongings, all-in-one systems are also hassle-free as you won’t have to worry about matching different pieces of furniture. Hideaway furniture are also popular options because of their sleek designs. Other than saving a ton of space, think about how impressed your guests will be when a table top emerges from the kitchen counter! So, check out a classic and brilliant hideaway system that you can install in the kitchen.

Ewins table and bench pull-outs

If you’ve got a tiny dining area at home, you may consider installing a retractable dining table and bench to your kitchen counter.

Featuring minimalistic designs in neutral colours, Ewins’ hideaway furniture can easily fit into any home. You could either install the retractable table and bench to your existing furniture or build a custom-made system as a whole. Simply pull out the table and bench when you are studying or dining, and stow them back into the drawers to enjoy roomier space when they are not in use.

Full furniture set-up is available upon request at Courts. Ewins table and bench pull-outs are available as individual units at $1,536 and $1,169 respectively at Courts, and are on 15% off until 31 March 2018 (prices shown are before discount).

3. Pick the right accessories

Bed Bath N’ Table Collapsible Bamboo Hampers

These hampers that can be used to store laundry and towels are great accessories for your bathroom or laundry area.

Once you’ve got the big picture sorted, don’t forget that the details matter too. Be sure to get home accessories that are truly handy instead of ones that end up adding to the clutter. That is why we love these gorgeous Bamboo Hampers that can be collapsed and packed away easily. Their gorgeous Scandinavian aesthetic is also a huge plus!

Get the Collapsible Bamboo Hampers from Bed Bath N’ Table.

Home-Fix Vacuum Storage Bags

Here’s how you can ensure that bulky textiles like blankets and bedsheets take up minimal space.

If you’re having trouble storing winter wear from your last holiday, or the extra comforters and bedsheets for guests are taking a bit too much space, here’s a classic storage hack that will ease up lots of space – vacuum-packing. Simply fold your items into the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air, then compress and seal the bag. These storage bags will also come in handy when you’re jetting off to your next cold-weather destination.

Get Pack Mate Vacuum Storage Bags, $25.90 (per pack), from Home-Fix.

4. Store things above and under

Configure your own wall shelving system to keep things above ground!

A fundamental trick to having a spacious home is freeing up the floor space. Mount up shelves and keep your books, trinkets, or even potted plants there so they can double up as unique wall features. Another way to free up floor space is to pack things under bulky furniture. Simply stow storage boxes neatly under your desk or bed, but be sure to clean them from time to time as they tend to collect dust. If you’re changing up your furniture, consider bed storage options that have roomy compartments for you to store items under the mattress.

Get wall-mounting tools from Home-Fix, storage boxes from Japan Home and Daiso, and check out bed storage frames at Courts.

5. Be creative about maximising space

Storing bathroom essentials in the open is a good way to keep them dry.

Space can get extra tight in bathrooms, so exercise creativity to maximise the available space. If you have a bathtub, you may find that a lot of floor area is used up. Besides hooking caddies on the wall, you could also hang them across the rims of your bath tub. This will help to clear up plenty of space on your bathroom countertop!

You could also make the most out of the simplest tools. For example, store earrings on an old cheese grater or use a kitchen dish rack to neatly organise your clutches and purses.

Get Soho Bath Caddy for $39.95, Soho Shower Caddy for $19.95 and Soho 3 Tier Shower Caddy for $24.95 from Bed Bath N’ Table.

Finally, make sure your efforts don’t go to waste by maintaining good habits at home. Always try to keep your things in the same compartments and declutter regularly. With these tips, we hope you enjoy your tidy new spaces at home!

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