2018 Zodiac Forecast

Excited for the Year of the Dog and curious about what’s in store for you in 2018? As the eleventh animal in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle, the Dog represents consequential values such as loyalty and honesty, and those born in the Year of the Dog are said to possess a steadfast character. While career success seems aplenty this year, be prepared to navigate tricky relationships. Read on to find out your fortune in the Year of the Dog!

1. Rat

Individuals born in the year of the Rat are self-disciplined, hardworking and quick-witted. You will receive double returns for your effort at work, but be wary about loss of wealth. Consider your decisions carefully, especially when undertaking new projects. Also, be sure to look out for the health of your elderly family members.

Career & Wealth

2018 will be a year of opportunities at work, which will allow you to stand out and could lead to a well-deserved promotion. However, beware of disharmony among colleagues.

Being on the move and celebrating joyous occasions at home will give you an additional boost in wealth. Contributing to charity with your gains and reinvesting in property or long-term bonds may also help to boost your wealth.


It will be a rocky year for marriages and romantic relationships. Those who are married may face love advances and risk challenges in the relationship.


Keep a healthy physical and emotional outlook by maintaining a balanced diet and sleeping early, and refrain from taking illnesses lightly.

Tip: Maintain a low profile at work by being mindful of your words and staying humble.

2. Ox

Individuals born in the year of the Ox are responsible, determined and loyal. Handle your finances and investments carefully, and keep yourself occupied with work this year. Be humble and you will receive help in difficult times, as well as recognition for your efforts. With benefactors backing you, you may achieve breakthroughs in your career.

Career & Wealth

You will be given new opportunities at work and see breakthroughs in your career. Those who work in sales, education and consultation professions will do well. Although students will see a significant improvement in their grades, they may come under more stress.

Refrain from venturing into investments with others.  A yellow wallet will make a cheery-looking accessory while helping to facilitate good cash flow!


For singles born in the year of the Ox, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet potential love interests. However, married individuals should avoid being separated for long periods of time. Go on vacations with your spouse to strengthen your marriage.


Pay more attention to your personal hygiene, avoid nightlife activities and watch out for health issues related to high blood pressure.

Tip: Engage in healthy activities such as cycling, dancing or take up cooking classes.

3. Tiger

Individuals born in the year of the Tiger are confident, competent and daring. In 2018, you will meet many obstacles that may hinder your plans. Face these difficulties with strength and courage, and they will be resolved without putting you in harm’s way.

Career & Wealth

To be successful in 2018, be determined and maintain an open-mind. Beware of malicious gossip and maintain good relationships at work. This year, individuals of the opposite sex will be your benefactors.

However, avoid going into investments or stocks based on “insider” news.


Due to an increase in work commitments, remember to pay attention to your partners and initiate affection to strengthen your personal relationships. Being magnanimous with your loved ones will increase harmony in the family. Singles should refrain from getting into new relationships hastily.


You do not have to worry about your health – you will not face major health issues if you avoid overindulging. Also remember to give importance to your emotional well-being.

Tip: Always be ready for unexpected circumstances with a good financial plan!

4. Rabbit

Individuals born in the year of the Rabbit are skillful, alert, and patient. Although you will be blessed with auspicious stars and benefactors’ luck, it is important to do your best this year. So, be more accommodating while setting sights on long-term goals rather than immediate profits.

Career & Wealth

You will enjoy equal returns for the effort you put into your work. Working professionals will have opportunities to land better jobs or to become entrepreneurs. Those who own businesses will see their companies do well and venturing overseas will reap profits.

It is not a good year for investments. To prevent loss of wealth, you may invest in property or renovate your home and buy new furniture.


Expanding your social circle and being more relaxed will improve your romantic relationships this year. Singles need to be confident and improve their communication skills to avoid missing romantic opportunities; while married individuals will have opportunities to have children but should take precaution for a safe pregnancy.


In 2018, those born in the year of Rabbit might face health issues. So, do not neglect small illnesses and refrain from overworking. Watch out for issues concerning the eyes, heart and lungs.

Tip: Taking a family portrait will be a fun way to bond and strengthen ties with your loved ones!

5. Dragon

Individuals born in the year of the Dragon are intelligent, enthusiastic and willing to take risks. However, in 2018, you may face financial obstacles. Avoid big investments and only make decisions after careful consideration, especially in unfamiliar areas.

Career & Wealth

Auspicious stars surround your career this year, bringing about change. Working professionals will be tempted to switch careers that may increase their worth. Entrepreneurs looking for potential business partners should proceed with caution to prevent soured relationships, loss of wealth and stunted progress.

Your indirect income and investment plans will prosper. However, your spending will increase significantly, especially on your family. You may consider long-term investments this year, such as in blue-chip stocks.


Individuals who are in a relationship may face challenges due to temptations. Couples are advised to communicate more with each other to achieve a balance between family and work. Be sure to show love and care for your other half this year!


Maintaining an active lifestyle and having a balanced diet is important for you as you may face intestinal issues.

Tip: Incorporate fibre-rich food into your diet, such as oats and fruits for good health.

6. Snake

Individuals born in the year of the Snake are intelligent, responsible and intuitive. However, this year, you may have the tendency to be indecisive which may result in wrong judgement calls. Keep a clear mind when making important decisions to avoid complications.

Career & Wealth

You may look forward to luck in your career this year! You will receive help and opportunities to showcase your talents that could earn you a raise or promotion at work. Sign up for self-improvement courses and pick up new skills, as these will help your career in the long-run. It is important to remain humble as well.

Wrong decisions may lead to loss of wealth. You may consider re-furnishing your home, donating to charity or buying goods for yourself and your family to help maintain a favourable wealth flow.


In 2018, singles will face promising luck in love and for those in committed relationships, it will be a favourable year to tie the knot. While married couples will enjoy bliss and harmony throughout the year, be sure to refrain from caving into temptations.


Beware of health issues such as sciatic nerve pain and urinary tract infections. You may face frequent insomnia, so stay calm and relaxed closer to bedtime. Pick up meditation and yoga before the New Year.

Tip: Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and bean products, and wear brighter clothing to chase negative energies away.

7. Horse

Individuals born in the year of the Horse are full of energy, decisive and passionate. While the overall forecast for the year is stable, you should constantly strive to be creative and encourage change to achieve success. Opportunities for career progression are in sight, but remain sensitive in your interpersonal relationships to prevent unforeseen mishaps.

Career & Wealth

2018 will be a favourable year for you. Despite facing opposition at work, you will succeed by proving your value, remaining positive and maintaining good interpersonal relationships.

Lady Luck is shining on you! There will be many profitable opportunities in your business as well as good returns on investments. However, be cautious with your wealth flow – while you may have substantial earnings, impulse spending may also be frequent. If you are investing in property, be careful when signing contractual agreements.


Romantically, it will be a rocky path ahead. Failing to see eye to eye with your partner could result in unpleasant quarrels, and you may unintentionally offend your loved ones. Singles may find themselves in frustrating romantic situations; while married individuals need to beware of unwanted love advances. Be open-minded and reasonable when communicating with your other half this year.


Refrain from overworking and neglecting your health to prevent illnesses related to your blood sugar level. There may be problems that require surgeries so take extra caution during the first, fourth, seventh and eighth lunar months.

Tip: To regulate and strengthen your body for the upcoming year, take up Yoga but avoid over-exerting yourself.

8. Goat

Those born in the year of the Goat are quick thinkers, hardworking and enthusiastic. However, 2018 looks to be a rocky year with lots of gossip, persistent health issues and career roadblocks. At work, be vigilant but try to conform to avoid rocking the boat; also refrain from offending women as they hold the power this year. Ladies born in the year of Rat and Pig will bring you financial luck.

Career & Wealth

You could face a difficult year in your career. Keep a low profile and always be prepared to handle unpredictable situations to avoid potential legal trouble.  Avoid rocking the boat too much at work and be contented with small achievements.

Steer clear of high-risk investments and start saving early to build up your rainy-day fund. Vacationing abroad may bring about a positive change of luck.


Married individuals may lose passion in their relationships, leading to negativity and arguments with their partners. Singles should be careful about entering new relationships and couples should refrain from attracting gossip as it may lead to a loss of wealth.


Be attentive to signs of stroke and conditions relating to your internal organs, so go for regular medical check-ups. After the lunar eighth month, your health will see a slight turn for the better and you may increase good karma by donating blood to charity.

Tip: Increase communication with your partner to resolve misunderstandings!

9. Monkey

Those born in the year of Monkey are fast learners, creative and easy to get along with. This year, you will face plenty of opportunities to socialise and you may embark on new endeavours to  upgrade your skills.

Career & Wealth

With auspicious stars coming into play, showing initiative will bring forth a positive year. However, help may be hard to come by. To avoid regrets, always practice restraint in your words and decisions until you are in a clear emotional state. Refrain from participating in gossip this year to avoid losing wealth.


Married individuals will find themselves easily angered by small matters, and singles must know when to hold back when it comes to  matters of the heart to prevent complicated three-way relationships.


Be careful on the road and minimise high-risk activities. If you have elderly family members at home, take extra care of them and watch out for high-blood pressure as well as other illnesses relating to old age.

Tip: Stay rational and sharp when dealing with monetary matters!

10. Rooster

Individuals born in the year of the Rooster are energetic, eloquent and efficient. However, 2018 will be a turbulent year so beware of incidents that may spiral beyond your control. You may have to prove your worth at work and learn to give in at times to avoid trouble. Patience, willingness to contribute and prudence will tide you through this year.

Career & Wealth

Good news – you will see greater career luck this year! Reap significant rewards by skillfully employing the help from others but be careful of gossips at work.


With an average luck in wealth this year, you should safeguard your existing savings, do things in moderation and save more when you can. Joyous events at home such as a wedding will benefit your wealth luck.


You may face temptations this year that could cause rifts in your relationship.


Pay extra attention to your blood pressure and intestinal well-being. Ladies need to be cautious of cervical and breathing issues. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and refrain from overworking yourself  this year.

Tip: Spend time bonding with your other half to re-ignite your love for each other!

11. Dog

Individuals born in the year of the Dog are determined, loyal and reliable. This year, you may hit bumps in the road  that could thwart your plans at the last minute. Take extra precaution when going into investments and pay closer attention to your health this year.

Career & Wealth

With good career luck,  you will be able to showcase your abilities at work. However, keep a low profile at work and speak with kindness to avoid unpleasant incidents.

You may see a boost in luck regarding indirect income, although money appears to come and go quickly throughout the year. Be careful when going into joint investments and avoid flaunting  your wealth.


Relationships will be rocky in 2018. Singles, refrain from pining over possible romantic advances, as they tend to be unfruitful. Married individuals should control their tempers to maintain harmony in the family.


With a higher tendency of falling ill this year, you should take precautions against heart, lungs and intestinal illnesses.

Tip: Consider investing in property or spending on residential renovations to boost your wealth.

12. Pig

Individuals born in the year of the Pig are kind, calm, and compassionate. Lady luck is shining on you in 2018! This year, you will receive opportunities for a promotion at work and when you face difficulties, you will receive help to get through those hurdles. However, interpersonal relationships could get complicated this year.

Career & Wealth

You will enjoy a smooth sailing career in 2018. Still, be sure to keep a low profile and be mindful of your words. Avoid forming cliques at work and be wary of gossip. Being a team player will help you out of a crisis this year.

Although you will enjoy luck in your finances, avoid being overly zealous in seeking wealth as this could result in quick financial growth and loss. You may consider long-term investments, property investment or furthering your businesses in 2018.


With auspicious stars shining on your love life, singles can look forward to meeting their other half, while couples can tie the knot in the later part of 2018. However, an inauspicious star may cause disagreements between couples. It is important to be in control of your temper this year to minimise arguments with your loved ones. Singles need to consider each potential partner carefully.


Your health could face a setback this year. Pay attention to blood sugar levels, female illnesses, and skin diseases. Seek doctor’s advice immediately if you experience any discomfort and refrain from overworking.

Tip: A much-needed holiday will do good for you this year!

Credits to Yuan Zhong Siu, a member of New Trend Lifestyle Group PLC.

New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. It is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange since 2012. Yuan Zhong Siu provides professional Feng Shui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Date, Baby Naming Services and more. For more information, check out www.fengshuiyzs.com and www.facebook.com/yzs.sg.

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