11 Essential Steps to Achieve Your Party-Ready Christmas Look

Shiseido Make-up Artist, Ms. Alison Tay, working her Christmas magic
Shiseido Make-up Artist, Ms. Alison Tay, working her Christmas magic

Our favourite time of the year is finally here! There’s no better time to get together with your loved ones, indulge in endless feasting and gear up for those party-hopping nights.

There is no secret to being the life of a party, except perhaps to look and feel your best. A little help in the make-up department definitely helps to bring out your best features and allow your personality to shine!

Make-up tools of the trade
Make-up tools of the trade

With a wide range of products available in the market, so many steps to follow, so many dos-and-don’ts, how do you even begin?

Should I do my eye makeup or should I put on my foundation first?

How can I avoid streaks when applying blusher?

My lipstick always seem to smudge when I’m applying it, what should I do?

If these questions popped up in your mind, you are not alone.

Finishing touches to the complete Christmas look
Finishing touches to the complete Christmas look

That’s why we invited Shiseido Make-up Artist, Alison Tay to share valuable tips on how to put your best look forward this Christmas. Check out this tutorial for 11 essential steps on how to achieve a long-lasting, party-ready look. Be it a cosy home party, a full-blown disco night or a relaxing chill-out with your inner circle at a happening bar, we promise that it’s definitely easy to achieve even if you are not a make-up pro.

11 essential steps for creating the perfect Christmas look, tips included!

Step 1: Prep your skin with a primer

A primer works like make-up base, and it helps to keep your make-up long lasting throughout the day. Applying it in the right way also minimizes the visibility of pores.

Step 2: Apply foundation

Using a compact foundation, you can brighten and even out your skin tone.

Step 3: Apply concealer

Conceal skin imperfections and dark areas around your eyes, nose and corners of your lips to achieve a more flawless, energized look.

Step 4: Put on blusher

Did you know that applying your blusher in a circular motion can help you avoid streaks caused by the brush?

Step 5: Draw eyebrows

Practice applying from the arch, and blend towards the front to achieve the best results.

Step 6: Apply eyeshadow

Start by applying the lighter colour from the lash line to the crease, and end it off with blending a darker colour at the lash line to achieve a duo tone effect.

Step 7: Curl eyelash

Curl your lashes at six different points to maximize the effect of your mascara (watch the video to find out how!).

Step 8: Apply eyeliner

For easy application, place a handheld mirror at chest level and look downwards. This will prevent liquid eyeliner to smudge when you open your eyes immediately.

Step 9: Blend eyeliner

If you wish to go for a smokey eye effect, you can use a sponge to blend the eyeliner.

Step 10: Apply mascara

If you are going to be out for long hours, a waterproof mascara will have a longer lasting effect. Pssst, you have to check out Shiseido’s Multi-dimensional Mascara, which comes with a bendable mascara brush for easy application – it’s super useful!

Step 11: Apply lipstick

And the final step, applying lipstick! Start from the cupid’s bow to define the lipstick area.

Inspired yet? The makeup tools featured in the video can be found at the Shiseido counter, Metro Centrepoint. Get yours to start creating your flawless, party-ready look this Christmas!


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