10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair

Keeping up with the trends can be taxing on our hair. Frequent dyeing, bleaching, and hair treatments such as perming and rebonding introduces a lot of chemicals into your hair.

Did you know! The average time a woman spends to wash, dry and style her hair is 1 hour and 53 minutes a week. By the time she is 65, she will have spent 7 months of her life doing her hair.

Our hair is made up of many keratin proteins and natural pigments. To colour hair, the outer layer of the hair called the cuticle is removed chemically so that the dye solution can enter the cortex of the hair. In darker hair types, bleach is first used to remove the pigment of your natural hair colour, before the colour of your choice is added to achieve the desired effect. Chemicals in rebonding and perming styling such as ammonium thioglycolate is used to break some of the natural keratin bonds in your hair to allow hairstylists to manipulate its form. In rebonding processes, heat is sometimes introduced to straighten hair, and is further chemically strengthened with hydrogen peroxide, which reintroduces some of the natural oxidation compounds of your hair. In perming processes, curlers are used with the oxidation compound, which sets the hair in “permanent” ringlets. While the outcome is beautiful and desirable, these hairstyling methods can often leave hair feeling dry and damaged.

Did you know! The outermost layer of hair is called the cuticle. It consists of overlapping scale-like segments that protect the inside layers of hair. If you have healthy hair, your cuticles lay flat if the hair. Dry or damaged hair are usually the effect of cuticles that are open, leaving the strands rough to the touch.

Here are some healthy hair tips to revitalise your hair and put some of that glow back into your lovely locks:

1. Stay out of the heat!

We all know that heat and hair are not friends. Curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers are great hairstyling tools that can help prepare you for any occasion. But too much heat styling from curling irons and blow dryers can break down the hair’s natural hydrogen bonds, making it weaker and more susceptible to breakage. While a girl can’t live without her tools, one should learn how to protect one’s hair to maintain its healthy shine.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
Schwarzkopf’s göt 2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray from Guardian

Some hair care products are designed with heat styling in mind. Schwarzkopf’s göt 2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray (from Guardian) offers 4 Pretty Fast Styles. With heat protection and detangling properties, your hair dries faster – letting you look fabulous in no time. Make sure your hair is completely dry before heat styling with curling irons and straighteners!

2. Keep it cool

Avoid additional heat damage from hot water by washing with cool or cold water. Cold water helps with natural detoxification of the hair, as toxins and waste is pushed away easily from the scalp. The cool temperatures do not dry out the scalp like hot water does, and it closes the hair cuticles. This creates a myriad of benefits: closed hair cuticles seals in moisture, which helps give your hair that extra shine, and prevents dirt and oils from easily penetrating your hair, resulting in stronger hair. Cold water also prevents frizz while adding lustre to your hair. Some stylists recommend washing coloured hair in cool water as it prevents the opening of hair cuticles – allowing the coloured hair to stay vibrant for longer.

3. Protect your hair when swimming

Chemical disinfectants in swimming pools such as chlorine can be very damaging to hair. But what most people don’t know is that regular chlorine exposure can build up damage over time. Use a swim cap, and rinse, rinse, rinse! Wash the chlorine out immediately after a swim with a gentle shampoo.

Did you know! When your hair is wet, a healthy strand of hair can stretch an additional 30{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} of its original length!

4. Nourish your hair as you cleanse

Thick, dry, and damaged hair can be brittle and difficult, but it’s not the end, it can be managed! What better a way to care for your hair than nourishing it as you cleanse? Hair products like special shampoos and conditioners have been formulated to overcome hair damage. Whether it is moisturising or damage repair, carefully select shampoos and conditioners formulated for your hair’s needs.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
The Redken Extreme from Capello

This range (from Capello) gives damaged hair the strength it needs to prevent hair breakage and damage, bringing back its natural shine. The Extreme Hair Strengthening Shampoo infuses hair with its protein-enriched formula, restoring weakened hair as it cleanses. It contains ceramide that strengthens hair fibres, reducing hair breakage by up to 75{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} when combined with the Extreme Hair Strengthening Conditioner, and the Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment.

Did you know! A strand of hair is actually stronger than a copper wire with the same diameter.

5. Stave off the frazzles!

Here in the tropics, where heat and humidity is in abundance, you may sometimes find your tresses in a little state of despair. Curly and wavy hair types are more vulnerable to frizz. Frizz happens when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, causing moisture to leave your hair. As a result, the dehydrated strands appear dry and frizzy. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner combination for your hair can be great for styling, which improves your overall hair health and give your confidence the boost it may need.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
The Redken Frizz Dismiss from Capello

This is an award-winning range of smoothing hair products that offer heat and humidity protection with 4 levels of smoothing. Because not everyone’s hair needs are the same, Redken features the Frizz Protection Factor (FPF), the first-ever professional scale that lets you choose your level of protection based on hair type and humidity level! Frizz Dismiss is also sulphate and sodium chloride-free, and it’s safe for chemically straightened hair.

6. Go natural!

Argan oil and olive oil are some natural wonders that are known for their anti-oxidants and restorative properties. Applying restoring serums with these natural ingredients can add softness and shine to your tresses.

Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Olive Oil Hair Serum from Guardian, helps to nourish and restore smoothness and tames frizzy hair, restoring health and softness to dry and dull hair.

Did you know! Your hair is made up of many elements: 50 percent carbon, 21 percent oxygen, 17 percent nitrogen, 6 percent hydrogen, and 5 percent sulphur. That’s like a science class!

7. Superfoods for Super Hair

Eating well and maintaining good overall health is key to feeling and looking your best. Getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and eating a balanced diet is essential in maintaining a happy and healthy body, which results in happy and healthy hair.

Avocados are incredibly nutritious fruits rich in vitamins, folate, and good fatty acids – which are not only great for meals, but also moisturising and nourishing for your hair. Avocado oil is also high in saturated fat, making it’s molecular structure small enough to permeate the hair shaft, providing nourishment to your strands.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
Watsons Conditioning Treatment Wax Avocado from Watsons

This treatment (from Watsons) contains avocado and olive oil that conditions and nourishes your hair. The added vitamin E improves split ends, leaving your hair re-hydrated and soft.

Did you know! The average person has roughly between 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on their head. It is also normal to shed between 40 to 100 strands of hair a day. So don’t fret if you notice that stray strand on your shoulder.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
Apply a good leave-in treatment, for healthier-looking hair!

8. Apply a leave-in treatment as you sleep

Bedtime is arguably the most wonderful time of the day. While everyone has different sleep needs, consistent sleep patterns help the body regulate the natural melatonin and cortisol levels in the body, which promote overall wellness. When the body is rested, optimal hair health and well-being can be achieved. Hair loss has been linked to sleep deprivation and depleted immune systems, so an extra hour in bed might just help with your hair health! Applying a leave-in treatment while you get some shut-eye is great way to treat your hair with minimum effort!

Kératase Résistance Sérum Thérapiste from Capello Loft Hair & Beauty Spa, is a hair serum for very damaged and over-processed hair. It repairs hair fibres instantly, seals and protects against split ends, and resurfaces hair fibres. With ingredients that contain regenerative properties, Sérum Thérapiste also offers heat protection up to 230°C, which makes blow-drying a walk in the park!

Did you know! Your hair is the fastest growing tissue on our body. It also grows slightly faster in warm weather, because heat stimulates circulation and encourages hair growth.

9. Treat your hair!

To get great and healthy looking hair, some tender loving care is needed to achieve that extra boost. Just like caring for your skin, special mask treatments can be used in your hair to repair dryness and damage. Even if your hair is untreated and uncoloured, the weather, or your active lifestyle can slowly wear away at the health of your lovely locks. Sun damage and pollutants can affect your hair’s health, so it’s good to get in the habit of using a mask once a week to maintain your lovely locks.

Bring the salon home once a week with L’oreal’s Pro-Fiber Re-Boost Hair Reatment Ampoules, from Crescendo Hairdressing. Enriched with Aptyl 100, Pro-Fiber resurfaces and smoothens damaged hair. Leave it in for 5 minutes and re-experience intensely soft, smooth, and light hair that feels like it was freshly cut!

Did you know! Each strand of hair is constantly growing, and has a lifespan of an average of 5 years. At any point of time, 90{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} of our hair is growing, and the balance 10{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} is having a rest. If a strand of air drops, it will regrow up to 20 times in its lifetime.

10 Tips for Luscious, Healthy Hair
Trimming split ends is a good way to manage damage hair

10. Pay a visit to your trusty hairdresser

Seeking wisdom from the experts is always an excellent option. Trim off those split ends and get a consult on how to manage dry and damaged hair. Mask treatment services are often paired with the latest restorative technology, and they are often available at the salon of your choosing.

The Super Shine Intensive Hair Mask Treatment at Jean Yip Hairdressing combines a protein-rich hair mask with Nano Keratin technology, which treats the scalp and restores chemically damaged hair . Nano water articles deep-conditions and moisturises damaged cells in the hair, restoring volume and smoothness, letting you radiate a healthy glow. Your beautician can advise on treatment tips that is personalised to your hair’s needs!

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