10 Things to Bring Along When Travelling with Kids

Travelling with your kids can be a great bonding experience.

Travelling is great. Seeing the sights, trying new food, and exploring a new city can be an exciting new adventure, but taking a tiny human with you is a different ballgame entirely.

Whether it’s a long-haul international flight or a boat ride to Bintan, many parents are nervous about bringing the little tykes out on a trip.

Here are 10 brilliant things to keep the young’uns happy, comfortable, and occupied to make travelling with them a breeze.

1. Ride-on Luggage

Let the little ones ride along with you!

Remember the days when you had to share a suitcase with a parent or a sibling on a family trip? Not anymore! Kids these days have suitcases designed especially for them in mind!

Trunki suitcases have become a household name among families with young children, and it is no surprise why. They are not only brightly coloured and designed in cute styles – they even have comfy saddles for kids to ride on. Trunki also has a secure, lockable catch, a soft rubber trim to protect little fingers, and detachable tow straps to haul your kids along with you.

Pack their fun-sized belongings and watch them zip around – rounding them up at the airport has never been this easy! Pick up your very own at the Palette Box.

2. Comfy Backpack

A style for every kiddo’s personality!

The wonders of the world can sometimes be found in the littlest of backpacks. Whether it’s for favourite toys, snacks, or a change of clothes, backpacks are great for mobility. Get one that perfectly suits your little explorer’s personality from the Palette Box!

Mothercare also carries a variety of styles including the award-winning brand LittleLife, which will suit your little one’s needs. From turtle shells to fairy wings, dinosaurs, sharks, or giraffes, the options are endless! Visit Mothercare for fun and fab backpacks!

3. Camera for kids

Isn’t it amazing how everything is extraordinary through the eyes of a child? Encourage your child’s creativity with Toys “R” Us’ child-friendly toy camera! While this camera doesn’t take real photos, let your little travel buddy ‘snap’ his favourite sights like a pro! Pick one up at Toys”R”Us“.

Smile! Maybe we can be marine photographers today!

4. Novelty Headsets

Choose a style that best suits your child!

Watching Peppa Pig on your mobile device could be your last resort to calming a fussing child. But you’re likely to get stares if you start playing cartoons aloud on your phone, especially if it’s in the middle of the night on a long-haul flight. So, that’s where earphones come in handy!

Typo carries a variety of novelty headsets, perfect if you’re getting the little one a headset of their very own! Pick out a pair of adorable headphones or ear-buds from Typo – we won’t tell if you can’t resist a pair for yourself too!

5. Kiddy Laptop

If your mini-me is already starting to emulate the way you speak, they’d surely want to play grown-up with the gadgets that they often see you using. So, get them adorable kiddy laptops that’ll keep their tiny fingers intently clacking away as they pretend to be busy business people at the airport!

The tiny buttons also help with fine motor skills!

Bringing your kid (and your laptop) on a business trip? Get them one of their own at Toys”R”Us.

6. Etch a Sketch

The Etch-a-Sketch is looking super swanky now!

Doodling is a fantastic way for kids to develop creativity and show off their imagination. The Etch-a-Sketch has come a long way from the red and white one we know and love, but the hours of fun remain! Useful for long trips without Internet access, kick it back with old-school entertainment and hours of drawing fun!

Pick one up at Toys”R”Us.

7. Activity Books

Find adventures nestled within the pages of books!

Long plane rides, long transit times, and being on-the-go comes with its challenges. Books on the other hand, provide a window into new and different adventures, encouraging your little jetsetters to learn new things on the fly.

Besides the classic colouring books and crossword puzzles that will occupy your little ones with creatively and cognitively stimulating activities, there are also a ton of exciting children’s books out there. With topics on sciences, animals, sports, quizzes, and stories, explore different dimensions with kids of all ages by doing fun activity books together! Pick up a book or two at Toys”R”Us.

8. Comfy clothes

Comfy clothes can help to ease the grumpiness.
H&M has clothes for every occasion!

Sometimes the difference between a grumpy child and a (quiet) contented child lies in the outfit that they’re wearing. Clothes that are too tight, restraining, or not breathable enough can contribute to your tyke feeling too hot and sweaty. If temperatures are low, they might also be a tad too chilly, which will lead to that dreaded crankiness. So, don’t forget to bring along a sweater that’ll keep them snug in the plane!

Get comfy children’s wear from H&M.

9. Travel pillow

Prevent those neck aches with comfortable travel pillows.

Our little jetsetters will end up dozing off on the go – whether it’s on road trips or long-haul flights, they’ll need to sleep in comfort. So, get them travel pillows that’ll help to support their necks so that they won’t wake up to nasty aches. Pick up this perfect travel item for your tiny travel companion at Japan Home.

10. Favourite blanket

A favourite blanket will give your little ones a sense of security wherever they are!

After long hours of traveling, your young explorers need their beauty sleep. Curling up with a favourite blanket can help to provide them with a sense of familiarity in a strange and foreign environment.

Bedroom Affairs has soft, comfortable blankets that are gentle enough on the softest of skin. Made with microfiber, the blankets are able to wick moisture away, making it extremely breathable, lightweight, extremely absorbent but quick-drying – perfect for those untimely stains! The blankets come in a variety of prints – perfect for your child’s travelling needs. Get yours today at Bedroom Affairs.

Travelling with the kids is extremely fun, but remember to be armoured up with these items so that your little ones can enjoy new adventures in comfort!

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