The Secret Christmas Clockwork Kitchen Awaits

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Thank you for voting for The Centrepoint!

We are pleased to announce that The Centrepoint’s Christmas Clockwork Kitchen has been crowned as the winner of Orchard Road’s Best Dressed Building Contest 2016 in the “Voters’ Choice Award” category! We would like to thank all our fans and shoppers for voting for The Centrepoint and being part of a Christmas made perfect.

“Winning the shoppers’ hearts as Voters’ Choice is a great way to return to the Best Dressed Building contest after a year’s break. Every detail about The Centrepoint’s Christmas Clockwork Kitchen concept is about creating an experience that brings out the child in all of us. We pushed the limits and brought to life highly Instagram-able and interactive decorations, including life-sized Gingerbread Men working up a storm in the pastry kitchen. This is our way of rewarding shoppers with fun and differentiated experiences each time they visit The Centrepoint. With the completion of the revamp and an injection of several brands that chose The Centrepoint as their first mall of entry into Singapore, we are confident that The Centrepoint will continue to excite Singapore with oven-fresh Christmas cheer.”

— Ms Stephanie Ho, General Manager, Retails Properties for Frasers Centrepoint Malls.

Receive a Complimentary Gift Card on Us

As a way to show our appreciation, receive a complimentary $10 The Centrepoint Gift Card by being the first 200 shoppers on Friday, 9 December 2016, 11am. Please check for details at The Centrepoint Customer Service Counter at Level 3.

Update: The complimentary $10 The Centrepoint Gift Cards have been fully redeemed.

The Centrepoint is back, better than ever, with one of the most indulgent, jaw-dropping, breath-taking Christmas Decorations in town! Today, we invite you into the Christmas Clockwork Kitchen…

Ding Dong! It’s 6 o’ clock and the bells announce the arrival of Santa and his band of reindeers on the Christmas Clockwork Kitchen’s 7 meter strawberry log cake! Looks like it’s about time to refill his bag of presents with more yummy treats for all the world’s children!

Gingerbread Men are hard at work, putting on the finishing touches to the 10 meter Christmas tree adorned with technicoloured lollipops and cake pop, surrounded by chocolate truffles, ice-cream sundaes filled with mountains of giant candies and stacks of delicious puddings.

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen


The entire Christmas Clockwork Kitchen is dotted with little gingerbread men up to their ears in frosting and cream, decorating every sweet pastry to lip-smacking perfection.

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Everyone is invited on a rare tour of the world’s quirkiest Christmas kitchen. Aaahhh, so this is where all the world’s Christmas goodies come from…. Explore and feast upon the best sweets, candies and pastries all made fresh in front of your very eyes! You are drawn further in by wafting fragrances of freshly baked Christmas cookies, cupcakes, log cakes and scrumptious sweets fill the air around you…

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Look up there, everywhere! Gingerbread Men spring to life with the hypnotising clockwork precision. These gingerbread men are hard at work with fluffy chef’s hats bouncing on their heads. How do they get anything done with those hats half covering their eyes? Will we ever find out?

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

The silly little pastry assistants are covered in flour, some rolling cookie dough and others secretly eating a chocolate liquor cherry or two. Stacks and trays of plump and fudgy cakes are created with magical precision and speed. Breathe in the fragrant aromas of fresh hot-cross buns and cinnamon rolls baking away in traditional brick ovens.

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Step right up into The Centrepoint’s Christmas Clockwork Kitchen, where a flurry of enchanting chaos happens around you, while you laze on the Giant Candy Cane Throne!

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

And of course, you mustn’t forget to grab a ride in the Swirling Candy Tea-Cup together with gingerbread men twirling around with glee. Climb atop caramel apples, fudge and stacks of rainbow-coloured gumballs, it’s a Christmas sweet-tooth paradise.

Christmas Clockwork Kitchen

We know you surely can’t resist! Pick any treat of your fancy for your loved ones from the rows and rows of mouth-watering delights, and get it gift-wrapped by the little candy-makers. Capture Christmas-Card worthy family pictures of your kids in the Gumball Glasshouse! Before you go, snap a picture with a giant marshmallow stick dipped in the giant chocolate fondue fountain for an unforgettable gooey-sugary-sweet take-away, that is this year’s epic Christmas experience at The Centrepoint.

Vote for The Centrepoint as the “Best Dressed Building” on Orchard Road!

Voting period: 12 – 27 Nov 2016 

Results: 9 Dec 2016

After a year’s break, The Centrepoint is back in the running for the Best Dressed Building.

So cast your votes NOW for The Centrepoint’s Christmas Clockwork Kitchen as your favourite decorated mall in the ‘Voters Choice Award’ category!

Simply download the free @Orchard Mobile App for iOS or Android and complete the entry form by following the prompts or go on to Facebook to cast your vote. Each voter is limited to 1 vote per day per building, just to make things fair of course.

Be one of the 20 winners to correctly guess the winner and you could walk away with $150 in shopping vouchers. The results will be announced on 9 December 2016, so once you’ve voted for The Centrepoint, vote, vote some more and then stay posted!

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