Dining Discoveries at Bedok Point

Dining Discoveries at Bedok Point
Charming Bedok has a lot to offer everyone.

Nestled in the colourful East is Bedok, a charming neighbourhood that’s home to expansive greenery and exciting outdoor activities.

And tucked away in this quaint alcove is Bedok Point, your neighbourhood mall that is both a food haven and a homely respite from city life.

Did you know? Bedok Point was a redevelopment project of both the former Bedok and Changi Theatres, and was the first air-conditioned mall in Bedok.

Dining Discoveries at Bedok Point
Whether you are a sport buff, a foodie (or both!) you’ll find what you need in Bedok.

Fancy a day out at Bedok Reservoir where you can jog in the cool mornings, take up some water sports or hide away in the shade for an evening picnic? Or a more thrilling experience several meters above the ground at Forest Adventure – Singapore’s first and only treetop obstacle course?

All that adventuring calls for a cosy and hearty meal – so, come home to Bedok Point and enjoy its assortment of cuisines for a well-deserved treat.

And while you’re enjoying all the fantastic fun, don’t miss out on these delicious finds at Bedok Point!

1. Thai Boat Noodle

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Fancy some great Thai food? Check out Thai Boat Noodle for their authentic and affordable Thai dishes at just under $10 a pop. With their selection of classic dishes as well as Thai street food, let their capable Thai chefs transport you to the lively streets of Bangkok with every bite. Try their Kao Moo (Braised Pork Leg) with Rice, their Tom Yam Fried Rice, as well as their signature Thai Boat Noodles at only a dollar!

2. Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

How about winding down with your mates over some beer and fried chicken? Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is one of the largest “Chimaek” franchises in South Korea that specialises in serving fried chicken and icy cold beers. With its cool and trendy atmosphere, Chir Chir (pronounced Chi-Re Chi-Re) offers a great variety of flavoured fried chicken – no wonder they have about 100 stores all over Korea!

3. 5 Senses

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Ever wondered what food in Scandinavia tastes like? 5 Senses offers a selection of Nordic cuisine, carefully crafted by young chefs with the finest ingredients. Their mouth-watering Pan Seared Norwegian Salmon is cooked perfectly with juicy and tender fillets, and served with an assortment of root vegetables and mushrooms. Try their 150 Days Grain-Fed Angus Braised Beef Cheek – served in a hearty broth with potatoes, sweet carrots, cauliflower and fresh greens. Plus, the Beef Cheek is savoury and light, which makes it an exceptional comfort food!

4. Noodle Panda

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Oh, pandas. Who can resist them? Check out Noodle Panda for its authentic Sichuan cuisine, and adorable panda-filled interiors! Noodle Panda brings a variety of choices, with the options of spicy and non-spicy dishes. Check out their best-selling Chongqing Noodles ($8.90), served with peas and minced meat. If you can take the heat, try their Spicy Chicken Noodles ($8.70) – the spiciest item on the menu, but also one of the tastiest! For dessert, try their Fried Mochi with Brown Sugar ($6.80). With their very own house-made mochi, the soft and mildly sweet mocha soothes your palate with its pleasantly light flavours.

5. Chicken Hotpot

Bedok Point houses one of Singapore’s favourite steamboat joints, Chicken Hotpot! Originally from Shanghai, Chicken Hotpot uses fresh ingredients and a unique secret recipe in their broths, giving it its distinctive and unmistakeable taste! Try their Signature Chicken Hotpot ($17.80 for the Small serving / $25.80 for the Large serving), a delicious broth that warms your belly on a rainy day. Not feeling like chicken? Try their Beef Behemoth Hotpot ($18.80 for the Small serving / $26.80 for the Large serving) or their Scandalously Spicy Shrimp Hotpot ($18.80 for the Small serving / $26.80 for the Large serving)!

6. Ka Ki Nang

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If you’re up for something closer to home instead, Ka Ki Nang might be just the choice for you. Using the most traditional ingredients, Ka Ki Nang creates traditional local delicacies that will bring you back to your childhood! Check out their delicious Teochew Chilli Noodles ($4.50), which is made with over 20 kinds of ingredients! You can opt for a soupy or a dry version, a non-spicy “white version”, a Malaysian-style “black version”, or a ketchup-based “red version”. While you’re there, do try their Ngoh Hiang Platter ($5.50 for the Small set / $11 for the Large set) – coupled with the traditional chilli sauce, this is a must-share among friends!

7. Kit Tea Casa

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And last but not the least, get won over by a delicious, refreshing drink at Kit Tea Casa. Producing the finest tea with extra precision in both brewing times and temperature control, they serve up the tastiest ‘pearls’ and excellent service with a smile. Fun fact – they’re also avid cat lovers, as reflected in their store’s adorable name!

With a wide selection of restaurants and eateries, there’s definitely something for everyone – or for your craving! So, come on down to Bedok Point and have yourself a feast!

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