9 Essentials Every Modern Gent Should Own


Every modern gent’s wardrobe should consist of several essential items. In this article, we will let you know how these items can help you build a great wardrobe and keep you looking like a sharp and groomed gentleman.

1. A Sharp Suit
At the top of every stylish man about town’s sartorial list should be a sharp suit. It’s a versatile must-have for those special occasions when you really want to impress, so it can’t just be any old suit, it has to show you really mean business! Not only will you look great, a well-crafted suit will also make you feel great. Versatility is the key, so you can’t go wrong if you choose to go neutral with a navy, grey or black – they’re suitable for every occasion, forgive the pun.

G2000 has a great range of suits at a great range of prices. You can pick up stylish and durable, crease resistant suit sets, ideal for travelling and humid weather.

Modern Gent Suits

Drop by METRO at The Centrepoint and pick up a very stylish JO BURTON Suit. Inspired by modern British tailoring that offers refined sartorial craftsmanship. It is a collection of elegant pieces in signature hounds tooth and Prince of Wales fabrication for the polished consumer who embraces classic, effortless sophistication.

2. A Leather Belt
Now that you have the suit sorted, the next thing on the list is a versatile, smart leather belt. An important accessory that is often overlooked, the leather belt is a must when your shirt is tucked in. The rule of thumb is to wear a belt that matches your shoes— brown shoes with brown belt, and black shoes with black belt. Picking the right one can easily add a touch of class to any ensemble.


Modern Gent Belts

You can never go wrong with a Levi’s® belt! This iconic brand offers a timeless quality and style and is well known for its strength and durability. They’re versatile and perfect for casual wear or something a bit more formal.

Modern Gent Belts

UNIQLO has a wide range of belts made from premium leather and with vegetable tannins for a stylish, worn-in look. The variety of designs and textures are perfect for both casual or formal occasions.

3. Long Sleeve / Dress Shirt
Another must-have in any gentleman’s collection is the long sleeve dress shirt in different cuts. Try the slim cut if you are trying to achieve a sharper, fitted style.

Modern Gent Shirts

Gap is a brand well-known for ‘cool‘ and they have a great range of shirt styles, ideal for smart casual wear, day or night.


Modern Gent Shirts

You should have at least 5 dress shirts, one for every working day in a week, a few white and a few pale blue ones. You can include one or two black ones. They can go nicely with a grey suit. If you like patterned shirts, go for striped shirts for a start. They are more business wise than the one with checks.

METRO at The Centrepoint has some very chic KURT WOODS shirts with soft, luxurious quality fabrication sourced from the best European fabric mills. KURT WOODS shirts are comfortable with flattering cuts and it comes in a variety of collars to suit different styles and occasions.

KURT WOODS is designed for city urbanites, with sportif elements that exude an energetic and youthful vibe. It defies sartorial conventions, and appeals to the youthful trendsetter with its smart casual and subtle details.

UNIQLO offers a wide range of men’s long sleeve button down shirts, in differing fabric, cuts, designs and colors. Regardless the occasion, you will be able to find everything you need there.


4. Ties and Pocket Squares
The humble tie is also often underrated and even dreaded by some men and only to be worn when forced. However, accessories such as ties and pocket squares are making somewhat of a comeback for the modern man about town and can really add some major style to your overall look. Don’t think old school tie, think modern chic dandy and if you choose well, you’ll have heads turning for all the right reasons. Also, when it comes to formal occasions and many fancy restaurants, the tie is a must-have, so instead of feeling awkward take control and make the tie your friend. Just remember wide is out. Thin is in.

The pocket square is a small accessory that when added to an outfit, allows yourself to express and vary your look without having to buy a whole bunch of different suits. It can add a bit of interest to your appearance without it looking like you are trying too hard.

Head into METRO at The Centrepoint for some suave JO BURTON and KURT WOODS pocket squares and ties. They have a great range so you can easily mix and match. These pocket squares and ties are made by the best luxury makers in Italy.

Buy yourself a few solid colour silk and woven ties. Also buy a few pocket squares. Silk and linen ones. When matching tie and pocket square, make sure that they are not from the same material, for example, don’t wear a silk tie and a silk pocket square.

5. A White Undershirt
Not always out of sight and definitely not out of mind, the classic white v neck or crew neck tee is a must-have. An extremely versatile piece, it can be worn under formal shirts as innerwear or by itself with denim for a casual night out.


Modern Gent Shirts

UNIQLO has a wide selection of white t-shirts , in crew neck or v neck, that features quick-dry properties, keeping you fresh all day. Great for wearing on its own or under layers.

6. A Pair of Dark Denims
Everything goes with jeans, you simply must have a pair of basic, classic, dark denim jeans; totally free of any embellishments like, fake fades, tears, saggy backsides, studs, extra pockets and tight fitting bunched up bottoms. Yes that’s right just a classic pair of dark denim straights, bootlegs or skinnys – too easy! They’ll give you that classic rebel silhouette that will go with anything. You can wear them with your shirts, suit jackets, black shoes, sneakers, the list goes on…


Modern Gent Pants

Levi’s® is the legend when it comes to denim, so owning a pair of classic 501® Original Straight Fit jeans with that classic brand patch on the back has to be part of your style quest.


Modern Gent Pants

Gap is another iconic brand in the denim world and they have some very stylish Gap Indigo Slim Fit Jeans if you’re after something trendy.

7. A Briefcase
There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to stylish bags for men. The most important type of bag will be the briefcase. Investing in a modern yet poised briefcase is crucial to every man as it forms the first impression in business meetings. Whilst the traditional briefcase tends to resonate with serious board meetings, the Braun Büffel Curzio briefcase offers you a modern sophisticated look which allows you to bring out the fun side when you sling it using the detachable leather strap.

METRO at The Centrepoint has a great range of Braun Büffel Leather Briefcases.

8. A Pair of Leather Lace-up Dress Shoes / Brogues
Nothing beats a pair of beautifully-made and comfortable fitting shoes. The smell of a pair of brand new leather shoes is something you never forget. Having a pair of versatile quality and stylish lace-up leather shoes or Brogues or both is absolutely an essential part of your wardrobe and will become more like a close friend slash style maker than an item of clothing slash accessory. They’re functional, say a lot about who you are and they can also make or break an outfit!


Modern Gent Shoes

METRO at The Centrepoint has a great range of classic Loakes Leather Lace-ups and Paradigma Brogues, perfect for all occasions.

Modern Gent Shoes

Pedro has stylish Cap-toe Lace-up Oxfords with textured leather, great for the office or formal occasion.

9. A Timepiece
There are so many convenient ways to tell the time, with modern technology like smart phones and tablets leading the way. But there’s something about a classical timepiece like a watch that continues to enchant. A traditional watch be it classical in design or modern and brand savvy, can tell a lot about a man’s personality. It’s another functional accessory that can really add that extra oomph to an outfit and is far from being out of fashion.


Modern Gent Watches

City Chain has a large selection of watches including the Titus Hand-winding Skeleton Watch with genuine leather strap and the Titus Automatic Couple Watch also with classic leather strap. They also have the Catena Automatique 2014 Modèles Homme with precision Swiss movement, transparent case back and alligator pattern leather strap.

It’s the little things and sometimes the slightly bigger things in life that make us feel that little extra special. If you love looking your best and playing around with different styles, we hope this article has been some help. There are certain items of clothing and accessories a modern gent just can’t do without and these 9 really should be at the top of your list!


1. Suits, G2000, (Anchorpoint, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, NorthpointWaterway Point West Wing)
2. JO BURTON Suit, Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)
3. Levi’s® belt, Levi’s®, (Causeway PointNorthpoint)
4. Belt, UNIQLO, (Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Waterway Point West Wing)
5. Shirt, Gap, (The Centrepoint)
6. KURT WOODS Shirts, Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)
7. Long sleeve button down shirts, UNIQLO, (Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Waterway Point West Wing)
8.  JO BURTON pocket squares and ties, Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)

9. KURT WOODS , Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)
10. White T-shirts, UNIQLO, (Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Waterway Point West Wing)
11.  501® Original Straight Fit jeans, Levi’s®, (Causeway PointNorthpoint)
12. Braun Büffel Curzio briefcase, Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)
13. Loakes Leather Lace-ups, Metro, (The Centrepoint, Causeway Point)
14. Cap-toe Lace-up Oxfords, Pedro, (Anchorpoint)
15. Titus Hand-winding Skeleton Watch, City Chain, (Causeway Point, Northpoint, The CentrepointWaterway Point West Wing)

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